Internship Journal Week 11- 4/8-4/12

Monday: 4/8




Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


Tuesday: 4/9




Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


Wednesday: 4/10

I spent most of the day learning how to use the Wirecast streaming software which will be used on an upcoming webcast job.  We setup a camera in a edit suite and connected it to the computer with a capture card. I went through some tutorials I found on their website and then just starting trying things out on my own, and experimenting. It is a very powerful piece of software that makes webcasting a fairly easy to produce from a technical standpoint. I also discussed with the others some of the new product announcements from the NAB show in Las Vegas.


Daily Total Hours: 7.62 Hours


Thursday: 4/11



Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


Friday: 4/12

It was a slow day again, with two people out, we spent a lot of time getting things ready for the shoot our Director of Photography is going on this weekend. I spent the rest of the day working on my video portfolio for senior seminar and cleaning some stuff up around the office.

Daily Total Hours: 7.58 Hours


Although it was a very short week, working only two days, I learned a lot when I was working with the Wirecast system and thought it was very cool! I might continue to explore the software if I have a chance next because I’m sure there is a lot more. Also,  if I decide to do webcasting down the road, I will need to know the software extremely well so I can focus on the program quality.


Weekly Total Hours: 15.2 Hours

Total Hours to Date: 394.48

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