Internship Journal Week 12- 4/14 – 4/18

Monday: 4/14

First, I checked cables and other equipment that had been out on a shoot this weekend and put it all away. I then worked with our Director of Photography to ingest some sample footage he had shot both in 4K Raw and in XAVC Codec and backed the information up to the XSAN. We then used Sony’s RAW Viewer to color correct the footage a little just for practice. We then got a call from a client who we shot footage for and ask if we could crop their footage to a very specific resolution, 486×486, for their website.  They sent us a video to match the shot framing on. I spent the whole  of afternoon working in Compressor to get the settings to match the example which I think I did. The challenge was for the video to not be stretched in the final product since it was 16:9 and is being cropped into a square.


Daily Total Hours: 7.7 Hours


Tuesday: 4/15

I started cleaning some cases and removing old shipping labels from them to get them ready to be send back out with our camera that is being picked up tomorrow. I then continued to work on the Compressor settings for the client project and wrote up a set of instructions in case someone needed to work on it when I wasn’t around.  It still stretches the image so I spent a lot of time trying to get it to work. We then packed the camera and other gear up that will be picked up tomorrow and then pulled gear for both shoots the following day. We then received the ok from the client to edit those clips which was basically fading in the beginning and holding for 1 second after they finished talking which I did and then continued trying to make the Compressor work and without stretching the image.


Daily Total Hours: 7.68 Hours


Wednesday: 4/16

We spent most of the morning figuring out how to resize those clips for our as needed by our clients using Final Cut Pro and then exported them out. We still spent a lot of time trying different things until we finally got it to export properly. We then put them in a zip file and uploaded them to the client’s FTP site. Then, I check equipment that was out this morning on a shoot and then we spent some time cleaning up one of the edit machines and ingesting the footage from this morning. I then spent the rest of the day playing with the Black Magic Design camera both outside and inside the office and learning how to use it.


Daily Total Hours: 7.62 Hours


Thursday: 4/17

We had a early crew call, to go into the city to shoot a video for the Marriott foundation. It was a “Day in the Life Video” for an organization created by the Marriott Foundation called Bridges that takes students who have learning disabilities and help place them in jobs with the Marriott and many other companies. This student, works for the Courtyard Marriott in Downtown Philadelphia originally as a Bell Hop and now as a security officer. We first shot some B-roll of his neighborhood and shot a introduction piece and an interview with his Bridges represenitive  who helped him get his job. We then went downtown and off-loaded our equipment at the hotel and then recorded him walking from the Subway stop to the hotel and then interviewed two of his supervisors and followed him around the hotel and shot in a verity of locations. Finally, we recorded an interview with the employee himself. We then copied all the footage to an external hard drive for the director and then packed up and loaded the truck. It was a long, busy day but it was a good shoot!


Daily Total Hours: 11 Hours


Friday: 4/18

My advisor came in this morning to visit and see what I have been doing as well as talk to my supervisor,  which went well. I then got some equipment ready for two rentals and checked a wireless mic kit before it went out. I then spent the afternoon learning how to make BNC cables, we took a long, broken cable and made it into several small cables that we need for viewfinders and other accessories. It really wasn’t to difficult once I learned how and now I really enjoy it! We also checked to rentals out and talked a while with the one Directory of Photography.


Here’s a picture of my cables:


Daily Total Hours: 7.83 Hours


The most valuable things from this week were definitly the shoot with Marriott because it was a different from the pharmaceutical corporate shoots we typically do and was more documentary-style which was a great learning experience. I also enjoyed learning how to make BNC cables and hope to learn more things like that in the future.


Weekly Total Hours: 41.83 Hours


Total Hours to Date: 436.32 Hours

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