Internship Journal Week 13: 4/22-4/26

Monday: 4/22

It was a relatively slow day, I checked the audio equipment back in the that had been out most of the weekend and cleaned some equipment. We then spent much of the afternoon preparing for our shoot tomorrow and pulling gear and loading the truck.


Daily Total Hours: 7.55 Hours


Tuesday: 4/23

We met at the office and loaded a few final things and the electronics that we were charging overnight. We then headed over to Eastern University and brought equipment into the library where we were shooting the interview. I setup the lights and other equipment for the interview portion of the day. We shot the interview with a woman who is attending Masters classes at Eastern University and is planning on becoming a missionary and about her story of how she was called to her line of work. After the interview we got some shots of her around the library, putting away books and talking to other students. We struck all the equipment we didn’t needed for the exterior shots and then broke for lunch.  Then after lunch we shot exterior shots of her outside around campus. Then, we then struck the remaining equipment and loaded the truck up and left.


Daily Total Hours: 7.11 Hours


Wednesday: 4/24

We unloaded the equipment from the truck and then I checked lights, cable and other equipment that we had out it us and put it all away. After all that was taken care of, I disassembled our Black Magic Design camera rig and put the camera back in its box for storage. Finally, I researched where to find inexpensive external  hard drive online because we need to pick one up tomorrow for the client from yesterday to ship them the video files.


Daily Total Hours: 7.75 Hours


Thursday: 4/25

I spent much of the morning repairing broken BNC cables by cutting off the connectors and broken pieces of cables and then connecting new connectors. We then spent the afternoon going through and organizing some production stills they have collected over the years while looking for a picture of a operating teleprompter for a blog post that is going to be published on the company website.


Daily Total Hours: 7.85 Hours


Friday: 4/26

We started by reorganizing the garage a little and straightening out some of the gear. We then took the Black Magic Design camera out to Farmount Park and shot some footage of the Japanese house and some blossoming  flowers around it. We then brought it back and tried to look at the footage but realized our camera can’t handle 2.5k RAW footage. We also researched some new computer options  so we can view the raw footage and use DaVinci Resolve for color correction.

Daily Total Hours: 7.93 Hours


The most exiting and valuable thing I did this week was the shoot at Eastern University, because it was a different production scenario than precious productions.

Weekly Total Hours: 38.23 Hours

Total Hours to Date: 474.55 Hours

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