Internship Journal Week 14:4/29-5/3

Monday: 4/29

I first Re-tubed 3 lighting kits that we are going to take its us on shoot Wednesday, that we’re set for Fluorescent and need to now be tungsten for us to use with a green screen. I then pulled a lot of the other equipment we would need for Wednesday’s shoot and got some things ready to go. We then installed Davinci Resolve on one of the edit machines that can handle the software and began test it on the shots we got Friday. After a while, I had the opportunity to work with it on my own and I looked up some tutorials online to better understand it. It is a really powerful color correction program, it takes some getting used to and a very powerful machine to run it on but it is clear why it is the top of the Lin color-grading program.


Daily Total Hours: 8.05 Hours


Tuesday: 4/30

I spent most of the day pulling equipment and loading the truck for the shoot the following day. I also took apart a tripod rig to save some space in our equipment room. I also spent some more time learning its DaVinci Resolve and trying different things. I am going to try and find some tutorials online to learn he software because right now I am just playing around and seeing what happens.


Daily Total Hours: 7.8 Hours


Wednesday: 5/1

We started first by troubleshooting some issues we were having with the air conditioner in the server room, which I noticed was making a loud noise when I came in. We finished loading the truck and left for Astra-Zenica for our shoot. We loaded in the equipment and I helped setup lights and other equipment for the shoot. Once we had all the equipment set, the shoot went very fast and we finished ahead of schedule. We then struck the set, and loaded the truck back up and went back to the office. Once back, we unloaded the truck and I checked all the cables as well as the grip kit and put them away.


Daily Total Hours: 7.77 Hours


Thursday: 5/2



Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


Friday: 5/3



Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


The most valuable experience was being able to play with and learn how to use DaVinci Resolve, which is a very expensive, high-end color correction system I probably would have to the opportunity to use on my own.  It was also a great learning experience going on the shoot on Wednesday and seeing another professional shoot in action.


Weekly Total Hours: 23.62 Hours


Total Hours to Date: 498.17 Hours

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