Internship Journal Week 15- May 6- May 10

Monday: 5/6



Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


Tuesday:  5/7

First thing we did was go to Staples to purchase a new hard drive that our Cinematorgrapher needed to take with him to a meeting to test some footage with the client’s editing system. We then dropped two other hard drives with footage off to a client in the city for a project we had been working on. I also checked a lighting kit back in and replaced a burnt out bulb from the kit.


Daily Total Hours: 7.87 Hours


Wednesday: 5/8

It was a slower day again, I checked in two wireless mics kits back that were out for rentals and put them away. I then setup a lighting test in the garage to prepare for a shoot in a couple weeks. I then put away some of the other equipment we had setup in the garage for another set of tests done earlier this week.


Daily Total Hours: 6.43 Hours


Thursday: 5/9

We spent much of the day getting ready for the shoot tomorrow which I won’t be able to attend because the grounds crew doesn’t want too many people of the field. So I pulled a lot of the equipment and loaded the truck they will be taking. We also tested out the Kulabyte streaming system for the two streaming jobs we having coming up next week and ran a test stream to make sure it’s ready.


Daily Total Hours: 7.85 Hours


Friday: 5/10

It was my final day of my internship. I started by finding a website that collects broken batteries for recycling because I had noticed there was a large box of dead batteries sitting in the office. I then did some green screen footage working in FinalCut just for some practice. We then went out to lunch to celebrate my last day. When we got back, we checked some audio equipment before it went out and then did some cleaning-up around the office.


Daily Total Hours: 5.62 Hours




This internship has been great, I have learned so much from everyone at Allied Pixel and got to go on some awesome shoots! I learned a lot about video production as well as the business aspects of it.


Weekly Total Hours: 27.77 Hours


Grand Total Hours: 525.93 Hours

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