Internship Journal Week 6- March 4th-8th

Monday: 3/4

I started the day spending some more time fine-tuning my trophy footage. Brian, the President Video Services, then asked me to enter all the contact info from a directory into our client database on the computer using FileMaker Pro. I spent most of the day doing that, but did get a break because we got out new Sony F55 camera delivered! So on my breaks from entering the contact info, I helped out with testing the new camera and took some pictures of it with the DSLR. Here’s a picture of new Sony F55: . By the end of the day, I entered 110 people into the database and am only in the “Ds”, so I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

Daily Total Hours: 7.83 Hours

Tuesday: 3/5

I came in and got right to work on entering more contact information into the database, which is what I did all morning, I entered another 85 today and I am now in the “Hs”! Brian said that it was outstanding that I was going as fast as I was, although I still have more to go! There was also discussion on what they can do to promote the fact that Allied Pixel now has the new Sony F-55 Camera. They are thinking about having an open house in the next few weeks to demonstrate the camera and hopefully attract potential renters. We then spent the afternoon taking the new camera out to the area around the Okehocking Preserve to shoot some test 4k footage. Here’s a picture of the camera in the van since we don’t have a case for it yet:  We plan to go to Historic New Castle tomorrow depending on the weather to  get some more test footage to show what the camera can do.

Daily Total Hours: 7.93 Hours


Wednesday: 3/6

I spent most of the day entering more contacts into the database, which is what I did all morning and into some of the afternoon. We also took pictures of the new Sony F-55 Camera with the DSLR which I helped out with. These pictures are going to be used to promote the open house Allied Pixel is planning on having March 22nd and probably will go on the website as well. I entered around 85 entries total and made it to the “Ms”.

Daily Total Hours: 7.93 Hours


Thursday: 3/7

Today I spent almost the entire day entering more contacts into the computer, I entered a total of 120, which is the most I have done in a single day. I am now in the “Ss”. The only other thing I did was do a little more testing with the new Sony F-55 camera, and helped with testing the audio settings on the camera.

Daily Total Hours: 8.03 Hours


Friday: 3/8

I once again spent the entire morning working on entering names. Then we took the new camera out to a local park and got shots of the creek and area in 4K again for the upcoming event. We got some good shots of the creek and some other stuff. We plan to go back out next week to get more when the weather is nicer. We brought it back and opened up the footage in the new Sony RAW viewer, some of it was slightly over exposed but because the camera captures so much dynamic range, we can fix that easily in post. I then finished the day entering a few more names, I am in the “Ws” and only have a handful of names left.

Daily Total Hours: 7.83 Hours


The most valuable experience this week was defiantly testing out the new camera and shooting test footage with it.


Weekly Total Hours: 39.55 Hours

Total Hours to Date: 232.25 Hours

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