Internship Journal Week 7: 3/11 – 3-15


When I came in, I finished entering the contact information into the computer database for a grand total of 505 total contacts! I then spent much of the day fine-tuning the trophy dolly footage with color correction and some filters to finish that project off as well. I also helped test the turn signals on one of the trucks that was having an issue with them over the weekend. I was a rather slow day and I left an hour early since I have Senior Seminar tonight.

Daily Total Hours: 6.82 Hours


The first thing we did was have a meeting about the open house next Friday and what we would have on display, who would do what and what we should say are the advantages of the camera.  We then spent a lot of the day reorganizing and cleaning the camera room to get it ready for the open house, we move out the big CRT monitor which freed up a lot of space on the work bench. The camera room is mostly finished,  so tomorrow we are going to work on the garage where we are going to have the camera for the event next week.


Daily Total Hours: 7.62 Hours



Today I was the first one in the office again so I started playing its the GoPro camera. It’s a really cool camera and I love how I can control it with my iPhone or iPad using an app. I just walked around the office and practiced using the camera at first. I then was asked to cut a piece of black foam core and made it into a pinwheel using white tape. We then attached it to a drill to attempt to show how many cameras have a rolling shutter while our F55 does not so it doesn’t make the shot look like Jello.  We are going to use that at the open house next week as a benefit. While I was making the wheel, I used the Go-Pro to shoot a timelapse which I then put into Final Cut to assemble. It turned out well after doing a little color correction and was incredibly easy. I also did some more testing with the GoPro and the app to see if it worked when the app was closed or the device disconnected from the Internet. My idea was to hang the Go-Pro somewhere during the Open House and put together a timelapse of the event. I also shot a few pans around the office, however the memory card stopped reading so I spent the rest of the day attempting to get it to work.


Here’s the time lapse I shot with the GoPro:

Daily Total Hours: 7.85 Hours



I spent much of the morning attempting to get that SD card working again, unfortunately, I was unable to get it to read, so Am fairly sure the card is broken. I ran a few more tests on the Go-Pro to become more familiar with the camera and its settings. We then brought equipment upstairs including the Dana Dolly to do some close-up shots with the new camera again.  While up there, we also cleaned up the edit suite and took two tape decks out and put them into storage since we arent using them anymore. I unfortunatly I had to leave before he began shooting the footag which will be mostly close ups of the edit suite and computer monitors to further demonstrate the capabilities of the camera.

Daily Total Hours: 8.18 Hours



I began the day packing up equipment upstairs the edit suite from the previous day and bringing all the equipment back down to then storage area. I also played a little more with the GoPro and figured out how I would mount the GoPro to get the timelapse of the open house next week using a Maffer clamp and a Cardalini clamp and attach it to the shelving in the garage. I spent some time going back to working on the rotoscoping project that been preempted by other projects recently, I am going to try and finish that as soon as possible. We then checked out the iPad Teleprompter system that Jeff had been working on all week. It is really cool, the Telepropters runs from the iPad and can be controled by an iPhone running the apps as well wirelessly. We decided to test the range of the system with the control device in one car and then the iPad displaying the prompter in another car as we drove around the block and we were able to keep it running even after we stretched a decent distance apart.

Daily Total Hours:  6.93 Hours


The most valuable thing I got tout of this week of my internship was definitely using the GoPro Camera, it was something that I had wanted to do and now I have an idea for another project. It is a really powerful little  camera, and the iPhone/iPad app is an amazing technology which of course I love.


Weekly Total Hours: 37. 4 Hours


Total Hours to Date: 269.65 Hours

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