Internship Journal Week 8: 3/18-3/22

Monday: 3/18

Today was a fairly busy day; first, I weighed cases of equipment we need to ship to Louisiana for a large rental so we can estimate how much we will have to to charge for shipping. I then tested a lighting kit we are going to rent out and get it ready to go. We then had someone come to pickup their battery rental and I turned out that he was someone I went to high school with who is now working the engineering department of a radio station.  I did some more tweaking to the trophy dolly video and i think now I’m really done with it. Then, I decided I would start working on some certificates for the raffles we are having out the open house so we had something to give out. I didn’t show it to anyone yet, but I think they look good and hopefully will be helpful. We also had a freelance Director of Photography who we work with come in to pick-up some gel and while he was here, he showed us some of his work he did on a cooking show in Florida.

Daily Total Hours: 7.97 Hours 

Tuesday: 3/19

Much of the day was spent cleaning up the garage, where we will be holding much of the open house. We also had a meeting to discuss what else has to be done to prepare for the open house and what food will be served. Then, I finished up the certificates for the raffles, Brian like what I had so far, so I finished all of them and just need him to check them before I print them out. We set 2 sets up in the garage one is a table with a train set on it to show motion and detail on the new camera and the other will be a person in front of a backdrop.  People can move the camera will move back and forth between the sets on a Dolly we setup in the garage. We then found out that we might be getting a 4k projector for the open house on loan from Sony. It not firm, but I was asked to make a sign saying that it was courtesy of Sony to put next to it if we get it, now that they know I am good at Photoshop.

Daily Total Hours: 7.8 Hours

Wednesday: 3/20

I finished up the certificates and the Sony sign and had Brian check them and he liked them. We then spent the rest of the day cleaning again to get ready for the open house. We cleaned out the server room and one of the edit suites as well as the desk area where we cleaned off the desks and got rid of old manuals for equipment we no longer have. I also did check some cables and lights that were out for a shoot and put them away.

Daily Total Hours: 7.87 Hours

Thursday: 3/21

We began to setup the office the the open house tomorrow, I then printed all the certificates and the Sony sign for the open house since we got a 4k projector delivered from Sony!  We set the projector up and found out that the camera does not output 4k through the HDMI port, so we need to figure out some type of workaround for that. We also figured out how to mount the very large Arri Zoom lens to the camera in a way that it would be supported.  We continued to setup the garage for the event and I figured out where I would be mounting the 2 GoPro Cameras, one will be for the timelapse, the other will be used on WiFi and controlled with either and iPhone and iPad to demonstrate those cameras as well.

Daily Total Hours: 7.95

Friday: 3/22

We spent the morning finishing setting up for the open house and getting the 4k Projector setup, which we found out does send a 4k signal over HDMI. We then picked up the food and set that all up. The open house was great and everyone seemed happy with it. I met a lot of people and they all seemed very interested in the new camera. In addition the the F55, we had a Sony F3 on the dana dolly, we also had the Canon 5D Mark III with an iPad teleprompter rig which was very popular. I had the 2 GoPros running but the batteries dies early on, but at least they were on display. The event was great and hopefully it will get some more work for Allied Pixel!

Daily Total Hours: 11.58


The most valuable experience of the week was definitely the open house, it was great seeing all our work pay off and meeting a lot of people in the industry.

Weekly Total Hours: 43.17 Hours

Total Hours to Date: 312.82

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