Internship Journal Week 9- 3/25-3/29


Much of today was spent cleaning up from the open house and putting everything away. I went through all the pictures from the timelapse GoPro and picked out some of the best pictures for promotional use on social media. Since the shots were all super wide shots of the garage. I had to crop all the pictures a little to make them more focused. Besides cleaning, the other thing I did was enter all the contact information of the people who entered business cards for the raffles into the contact database. We also began to get the equipment together that we have to ship out tomorrow including the F55 to an 18 day rental in Lousiana.


Daily Total Hours: 7.72 Hours



We spent a lot of today finishing getting the equipment ready to be FedExed out to Louisiana for the film project. We also had to load the truck for a job our sound guy is doing this evening and get some gear together to go to a internship fair at Temple tomorrow. I also began discussing plans for the video profile I have to shoot with the Director of Photography as I plan to shoot it later this week.


Daily Total Hours: 6.78 Hours



Today was a slower day, so I spent most of it working on my demo reel for Senior Seminar, as well as improving and timing the script for my internship video profile. I plan on shooting the profile tomorrow using the Canon 5D and the TelePrompter rig that we had out at the open house. We also had a visit by a former employee who now works at NFL Networks. They are very interested in getting a F55, and interestingly enough they are now shooting primarily using P2 cameras.


Daily Total Hours: 7.72 Hours



Today was another slower day, we checked back some equipment that was out on a rental and did some minor repairs. I also took the DSLR and shot some b-roll for my video profile project which I am going to shoot with our Director of Photography first thing tomorrow. We decided where we are going to shoot and planned it out more.

Daily Total Hours: 7.87 Hours



First thing we did, was shoot my video profile, I had our cinematographer running the camera and our sound man doing sound and running the iPad TelePrompter so it was like we were doing a real shoot for a client! I still took a lot of takes to get I right, but it turned out pretty well!  We shotin ourcamera room using mostly availible lighting but it still looked like a full production. After we finished shooting, I ingested the footage and began to edit it together with the B-roll I shot yesterday and some still pictures I have taken throughout my internship. We also received our Black Magic Camera at last and began to assemble that rig. We closed early at 2:00, because of the holiday weekend, so we didn’t get it all together yet, plus some of the parts are currently out.


Daily Total Hours: 4.92 Hours



The most valuable part of my internship this week was producing my profile video and getting input from professionals on how to make it the best possible. Having people with so much experience is very useful and they are all very willing to help!


Weekly Total Hours: 35.01 Hours


Total Hours to Date: 347.82 Hours

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