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Netbooks and Kindles beware, today Apple released their much anticipated tablet computer called the iPad. First, I want to say I am not a big fan of the name, although as I keep using it it does grow on me. The iPad in it’s simplest explanation is an iPod Touch or iPhone with a 9.7 inch screen. Although there are more features on the iPad but, it is a slightly modified version of the iPhone OS on the iPad. The iPad also has the iBook Store which lets you read, browse and buy ebooks on your iPad. It also has email, ipod, video playback and picture viewing capabilities just like the Ipod Touch. Also similar to the iPod Touch, you can watch Youtube videos in High definition and get maps and directions. Your probably wondering about the App Store that has all those apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. They all work on the iPad in a letter boxed regular sized or full screened double sized. They also announced that a new SDK (Software development Kit) is coming out today for developers to make Applications specifically for the iPad. The iPad has both WiFi and Bluetooth for connectivity and for $150 more on each model price, you can get 3G Wireless, unfortunately from AT&T, but, there are two options 250 MBs for $15 or Unlimited for $30, and they are prepaid meaning no contracts!The Wifi iPads will be available on March 27th and the 3G models will be availible on April 27th because of carrier approval.

The pricing scheme for the iPad is:

Wifi Model:

16 GB: $499

32 GB: $599

64 GB: $699

3G Models:

16 GB: $629

32 GB: $729

64 GB: $829

Where I think the iPad is going to be effective is in the Netbook Market, with the keybaord dock or a Bluetooth keyboard. The other major market it will be useful in is the ebook market, because although it costs more than the Kindle, it has a full color screen and has web access and all the features of an iPod. I think that this is not meant to be used as a computer but,  it can do the job of a netbook because they are main used for Office documents, which there is now iWork for iPad which is $10 per application and web surfing which it does well! I would have liked to see it running a touch version of full Mac OSX and i’m sure graphic artists would love it for Photoshop as well! But for reading, and surfing the web, at home on the couch, as Steve Jobs demonstrated during the keynote or for when you travel the iPad could be the device for you.

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