iPhone 4.0 Software Review

One Thursday, Apple gave a media preview of the next generation of the iPhone operating system. Many of the requested features that people have wanted are finally added and i think it is definitely worth the upgrade. They featured 7 major features which were the focus of the event, but there were over 100 additions to this version.

Multitasking- is the one feature that a lot of people have been demanding since the release of the first iPhone. It is very well executed on the iPhone and it isn’t supposed to be as resource-intensive as other mobile multi-tasking. This will make the iPhone platform much easier to get things done on. However, this will only work on iPhone 3Gs and 3rd generation iPod touches. This means that i’m out of luck but, for those with new hardware, this will make getting things done where every your go much easier.

Another great getting things done feature is Folders which allows you to group application into folders and have easy access to all your apps. It also will allow users to have over 2,000 apps and it will make organizing apps much easier.

You are now also able to customize the wallpaper of your device which is nice although I don’t know why it took them so long to add this feature.

The default Mail app got a few upgrades as well. Unified inbox lets you put multiple mail accounts into one mailbox so you can check all your mail in one spot. This makes it much easier for people who have multiple email accounts, as I do, you don’t need to check account individually although, you can if you still want to. Mail also has threaded conversations, like Gmail grouping together email conversations. The final addition to Mail is the ability to open attachments with other applications, which is very important if you want to edit attached files wherever you are.

As, I expected, Apple has made a version of iBooks, their ebook reader for the iPad, available for the iPhone.  It would have been foolish if Apple didn’t include this. You can sync your bookmarks and books with your iPad as well and make it easy to pick up on one device where you left off on the previous one.

Several Enterprise features have been added as well, you can now encrypt your email more thoroughly, use VPNs, and developers can even encrypt application data.

iAds is an interactive Ad system that can be enbedded in apps and have unique ads that are more than a standard banner ad and are even interactive.

Apple’s new Social gaming network will let gamers play against their friends over the internet and develop a mobile equivalent to the Playstation Network or XBox live. This will even further the iPhone as a portable gaming device.

Over-all this new version will greatly enhance the iPhone and has set a high standard for other mobile phone platforms to compete with. iPhone 4.0 will be out this Summer, and will be out in the Fall for the iPad. Pricing has not been announced but, even if it is $10 it is still worth it for the extra features you will gain.

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