iPhone Event Predictions

On Tuesday, Apple will be having a media event on their campus for the much awaited reveal of their new iPhone. There have been a flurry of rumors out about what will be announced, some people say there will be a totally redesigned iPhone; while others say it’s just a iPhone 4S with just a specs bump and no new design, some say both . Here is what I think we will see on Tuesday:

1. New iPhone: Duh It’s on the Invitation

With all the rumors I saw, I’m still not sure if we will be seeing a brand new phone or just a spec bump like the 3Gs. Either way, the new iPhone is a guarantee  and although I don’t have any ideas about the new form factor, if there is one, there are two specs that I think we will be sure to see improvement in. The first is the duel-core A5 processor that we saw earlier this year when then iPad 2 is released, the other is a better camera, although the iPhone camera is already fairly good. I have no other ideas as far as hardware is concerned but, I think those two tweaks are fairly safe bets and if that is all the hardware they update, then I think the 4S moniker is more likely than the iPhone 5.

2. iOS 5

I’m sure that I am not the only one who has been yearning for iOs 5 since Apple previewed it in June. From past experience, I think they will release iOS 5 to the public on Tuesday. They will hopefully also talk about the new Assistant voice command feature that has been floating around the web for the past week. Assistant allows you to control your phone using natural voice commands which could be really nice. Rumor has it that the Assistant feature will only be able to be used on the new iPhone, due to the increase in processing power, but I’m really hoping since it’s software that it will still work on the iPhone 4.

3. iCloud 

This is plain and simple, iCloud will come out the same day as the event or whenever iOS 5 comes out. The one feature I would like them to add to the already announced line-up is sync to the cloud and not just over WiFi to a computer with iTunes but directly to the web! Maybe next year 🙁

4. iPods

The fall is typically when Apple releases new their new iPods, although it’s usually a month earlier. This year, I think they are going to take a back seat to the iPhone if they are even mentioned at this event!  There have been rumors that Apple will discontinue all iPods except the Nano and Touch. Here’s what I think we will see are my itemized predictions for the  new or maybe not new iPods.

iPod Classic:  I think if Apple cancels any iPod, this is the first one they will cancel first. They have already pull the click wheel games from the iTunes store earlier today. Honestly, the iPod Classic doesn’t fit in with Apple’s current product line, although music lovers will cry-out that they can’t carry their entire massive music libraries in their pockets and will have to settle with smaller, flash-memory devices.

iPod Shuffle:  Possibly canceled or just not updated

iPod Nano: Minor upgrade or not upgraded

iPod Touch: Upgrade to make on par with new iPhone- hopefully a better camera


What We Won’t See:

  1. iPad 3- It’s too soon, I predict early 2012- I’m thinking Mid-March
  2. Apple TV (TV Set)- If Apple comes out with this, it will have it’s own event, this is too big to try and cram into the new iPhone event. 
As always, I will be watching the event and will write a review of what happened and what I think shortly after.


  1. Alex says:

    I think apple will keep the classic for awhile yet. It’s not hurting them at all and it is great for large libraries. I know people who MC events sometimes use a special mixer board with an iPod mount right there. It’s good for on the go events, and if you’re just MCing (not DJing), why bring an expensive laptop to some kid’s birthday party ya know?

  2. Mike Gdovin says:

    Yeah I didn’t really think they would cancel it, the did what I expected and just didn’t upgrade it again

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