Ipod Touch Thoughts

With it’s amazing touch screen, powerful email, great web browsing, and vast app store, the iPod touch was an obvious choice to replace my Creative Zen Vision M  Mp3 player. I know that this contradicts the article I wrote about the Nokia N800 Internet tablet being a better replacement for the iPod Touch but, I believe it is the better choice. I have had a host of non-iPod MP3 players and they all break down and they do not work as well and as simply as an ipod.  Besides that, the iPod Touch is more than just a portable media player, it does so many different things that makes it a extremely flexible device.

First of all, the iPod music player is very powerful and elegant. The revolutionary multitouch interface makes scrolling through your music simple and enjoyable. Also, if you are connected to the internet you can make a Genius Playlist which allows you to make an entire playlist of song that are similar to the selected song. The most innovate feature is that when you flip your iPod horizontal, you can flip through the album covers and get a unique visual experience.

The iPod touch is much more than a music player, it has built-in WiFi which allows the user to surf the Internet, check email, and buy music over the Internet. In addition, the iPod touch works extremely well as a PDA with a calendar and contacts app that supports Exchange and allows it to work as a powerful business tool! The N800 was quite the opposite experience since it does not come with productivity tools pre-installed and even if you install applications to fulfill that function, synchronizing does not work well.

The email application is very powerful and makes checking email where ever you go easy and convient. Email messages are easy to read and if the default size is not big enough to read, then you can zoom in and make the text the optimal size! Mobile Safari is also very powerful websites work very well and allow you to zoom in and out using multitouch! I know that many people complain about the lack of Flash on the iPhone platform but, I do not need it because the ipod touch comes with a Youtube application so you can watch Youtube videos and make needing Flash not a concern, at least for me, I do not need flash for any other sites that I visit, although a Hulu application would be greatly appreciated.

The Apps Store has thousands of different applications to choose from many applications are free and some are paid, but, there are so many applications.  To the contrary, the N800 has very few applications and many of the ones that are availible do not fully work or just not work at all! The apps store is easy to use and has every app you can imagine and then some!

The iPod Touch is such a amazing piece of technology and very different from the average MP3 player and for me, it serves as both a Music player and a PDA which makes it a great choices for both a Mp3 player and a PDA. The iPod Touch does not have the Cellular internet, cell phone, or camera capibilities and I think they would be all nice additions but, for the price the iPod Touch is a great device and I enjoy using it. Check Gdovin.net later for a full iPod Touch review and a full pictorial comparision between the iPod Touch and the Nokia N800.

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