Is HD Necessary?

Recently, High Definition cameras have become much more affordable with cameras like the Flip Mino HD which offers High definition for a little over $200 and there are also hundreds of other HD cameras that are under $1,000 making high definition as a viable option for average consumers. However, do people really need to be filming in HD? Although the quality is far better than standard definition do people need to be recording in such high quality? It takes much more space to store and a very powerful computer to manipulate. Even video podcasts at Broadcast television is transitioning over to HD and it does make the expirence more enjoyable but, only if you have the equipment to get the full experience, like a HD TV or high resolution computer monitor. For the most part, video is produced for entertainment but there are informational videos as well and they could benefit from HD because they it could help viewers better see details.

So you might be wondering if you should be buying a HD camcorder for your next video camera and my thought is that of depends. If the camera is just for home videos then save yourself the trouble and get a standard definition camera it not only will save you time but, it will also save you from needing a very powerful computer to edit and manipulate the footage. If you are planning on becoming a professional video producer, then you may want to consider HD especially if the video you plan on producing is very graphics heavy because then the quality boost may be worth the extra cost. Also many HD cameras have a standard definition option so you have they option to shoot in lower quality. In conclusion, although HD has become much more affordable and I believe will continue to I think you should only consider High definition if you first are serious about producing high quality video and secondly make sure you have the equipment to handle High defintion both for playback and for editing otherwise there is no reason to spend the extra money!

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