Living Without Paper

People have been talking about going paperless for a while now that computers have made paper near-obsolete and make organization much easier than having a filing cabinet full of folders with papers. Paper takes up space and is hard to search through when there is too much of it, and it kills tree to make more paper to print on and it becomes a vicious cycle and polluting the environment not to mention disposing of paper when it is used although many people recycle rather than just trashing up but, tthat also takes fossil fuels and energy to do and would be a lot easier to store most of your information on your computer.

The most important technology in going paper free is the PDF format because it is very universal and easy to read on any system and the files are small enough in size to transfer. I also reccommend getting a PDf printer like CutePDFWriter or if you have a Mac or Linux it is built in to the print menu and lets you save information to your local machine instead of printing them onto paper. This will increase as hard drive capacity increases and price decrease so people can get larger and larger hard drives for their machines and can store all their documents. I have recently been doing this print to PDf with invoices of purchases and have save the time of prinitng and storing a piece of paper that I will hopefully never need again. Going paperless not only saves paper and space but, also increases security because if you store in a filing cabinet or even in a safe locks can be cracked while on a hard drive encryption is much more difficult to break and although possible it is much more difficult the picking a lock.

I think that on Earthb Day going paperless is something everyone should take into consideration and because of that people should start utlizing PDfs and digital files instead of physical paper and although there are some problems with hard drives breaking backing up can easily solve that problem and help save the environment one page at a time.

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