Lookout Firefox Google has it’s own web browser!

Leave it to Google to make an amazing web browser for web applications and regular web surfing alike! Today Google released it’s Chrome web browser based on both Webkit and Mozilla Firefox! A quick warning right away as of today Chrome only runs on Windows for now but it will be coming out for Mac and Linux soon! Chrome is, at least in my mind a revolution of internet browsing and will be the direction that at least I think that will be the direction that all other web browsers will go in the next few years and is also free and open source!

Chrome has many features that are not availible on other browsers.  Chrome is extremely tab-centric meaning tabs of each-different web page is the primary method of surfing and the tabs are each a different process on the computer meaning you can kill a single tab that is slowing down your computer instead of your whole browser crashing when your in the middle of sending an important email in another tab which is one big improvement over Mozilla Firefox. Along the same lines, this browser also features multi-threading which is great for computers that have multiple processors, which most modern computers do! This allows you to surf the web even faster and with more ease! Another, cool feature is web apps can run in special windows separate specially made for the applications you are using.  Chrome also has some amazing security built into it because it runs in what are called “Sandboxes” which separate the files downloaded from the browser from damaging your computer! Also, in most web browsers you have a standard page (or a few in Firefox) in Chrome you get the added feature of having a screen that has your most visited websites making them easily accessible for the users. Another cool thing is you can drag tabs and separate them from the main window with ease. The final cool feature is a incognito mode where if you for some reason don’t want to have your browser history  or your cookies saved you can click one button and you are the invisible browser.

Chrome is a great web browser with its amazing speed and sleek user interface but, I will continue to use Firefox because of it’s  extentions and comfort.  If Google keeps working on it, Chrome can be an amazing browser and can over take the other browsers. I think the UI is so  sleek and intuitive I think that with a little more work Chrome would be a great replacement of Safari on the mac when it’s released for the macintosh platform. In addition Google plans to be making versions for many mobile platforms and I hope they will develop for maemo because it would be an amazing mobile browser for my Nokia N800!

Note: Also if you want to learn more detail about chrome here is a really cool comic about Chrome

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