Mac App Store Review

Early this morning, Apple launched their Mac App Store. This is a great new way to find and install Applications  for you mac! It has launched with over 1,000 applications to choose from in a variety of categories. I am glad that a lot of these applications are already existing OSX programs that now have a easier way to install  and for many of them, lower prices, instead of iPhone style single-purpose apps. Apple has each of the iLife apps available for $15 a piece and iWork apps for $20 a piece. I really wish they had some sort of bundle where you could buy the full suites with one click and for less than buying them individually. The one disappointment that I have with the app store is the lack of free apps and the lack of very popular free Mac apps such as Dropbox and Skype. I think a lot more  developers will join the App store as it gains momentum as we saw with the iOS app store. I also hope that it has a easy way to log into the app store after a OS reinstall so you can install all your apps quickly. I think that the Mac app store will quickly become the best way to install apps on OSX, if you want to try it, you must be running Snow Leopard and then just run Software updates to get OS 10.6.6 which includes the Mac App Store.

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