Mac OSX Lion Upgrade Thoughts

Yes, I know that Lion came out last July and the next version of OSX is already coming out this coming summer but I was originally not going to upgrade my computer to Lion. Although I did like a lot of the new features of Lion, especially Mission control, I didn’t think that upgrading my 3 year old computer would be a wise use of system resources. However, when I decided it was time to do a fresh re-install of OSX, which. I typically want do on a annual basis, I did some research and was also told by a friend that Lion was actually faster than Snow Leopard. So I decided to give it a shot, it was only $30 and if it was really faster would be well worth the price, not to mention all the new features. So I decided to do a full reinstall of Lion from a bootable thumb drive using Lifehacker’s instructions and if it didn’t work out, I would just reinstall Snow Leopard. The installation was very simply, the only thing that was a little difficult was that you have to run “Disk Utillity” from the Bootable drive first and then proceed with the installation, it doesn’t have the drive formatting tool built-into the installer.   Besides that however, it is very simple installation process and takes about 45 minutes to install not including the time to format the hard drive, if you choose to do that.

Once Lion was installed, it was very snappy and performed better than Snow Leopard! It also has a lot of great features, many of which were derived from iOS. Mission control is one of my favorites because it is a much more powerful system of switching between applications and workspaces. Another useful feature of Lion is Launchpad, which brings iOS-style home screens to the Mac including folders as a faster way to launch applications. This is easy to access with either a gesture on a trackpad or Magic Mouse. I plan on using this instead of launching the Finder and going into the Applications folder every time I want to launch an application This is a much faster way to launch applications and provides a nice way to organize them as well. Lion was definitely faster and

This was also the first time that I did a complete re-installation without using any optical disks. I used a bootable thumb drive to install Lion and then I made disk images for any software that I have on disk, so that I could just install it from my external hard drive and just enter the serial code. This makes it a very simple process, especially for applications like Final Cut Studio which  is on seven disks because you can mount all disk images and then just start the installation process and let it go to install everything and not have to swap the disks out requiring you to check your computer repeatedly.

I highly recommend that you upgrade to Lion if you haven’t done so yet and if your computer meets the system requirements. Although there aren’t too many new features, they are really good features that are very helpful and it also allows you to install the iMessages Beta allowing you to access your iMessages on your computer in addition to your iOS device.  Lion is absolutely worth the $30 price tag with all the new features and higher performance so I highly recommend the upgrade!

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