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Two weeks ago, you might have noticed that I did not write a Friday post for that week, the reason is that I had just gotten my new Macbook Pro and was busy migrating to it from my old Dell to the Mac and was unfortuantly not able to write a post. I got the newly-updated Macbook Pro, and after using it for two weeks, think it is the best computer that I have used in my entire life.

The Macbook Pro has a gorgeous 15.4 inch screen that is both bright and glossy and make watching video or look at pictures an extremely enjoyable experience. The keyboard is extremely comfortable, and easy to use although, it does lack a home and end key which is nice for when I need to get directly to the top or bottom of a website. Another really nice feature, is that the keyboard has a LED backlight and because of that if there is not enough light then, the backlight will go on allowing you to see the keyboard and get your work done. The built-in super drive makes optical media a simple solution even though it sounds very crunchy and sounds horrible when the drive starts up. The speakers are extremely high quality and equally important they can be amplified to extremely loud volumes. One of the biggest new features is the multi-touch, which has gotten rave reviews both positive and negative over the lack of buttons. I think it works extremely well without the button and allows the users to customize their trackpad to the way they like it. Although the gestures are cool, I have not incorporated them in my daily life mainly because I don’t use the trackpad built-in to any of my laptops but, also because I have not gotten a chance to learn them all yet because there are so many and I do not see them as much of a time saver. Another thing the Macbook Pro has over the Macbook is the firewire port and an express card slot. These are important mainly to professionals who need firewire for cameras and express card to expand their computer, the average user probably is better saving money with a Macbook unless they need faster graphics, express card or Firewire. Another amazing feature is a hardware battery meter which can be used whether the computer is on or off to determine what the battery charge is, previously this was on the bottom of the laptop but, it is now in the much more convenient location on the side of the laptop.

As far computing goes, the Macbook Pro runs a 2.4 GHZ duel core processor which makes computing very fast and also has the option to be upgraded as high as 2.8 GHZ. The Macbook pro comes with 2 GB of the new, faster DDR3 RAM and has been tested to utilize as much as 6 GB of RAM. The other feature the Macbook Pro has over the Macbook is it has two graphics cards and allows the users to toggle between the two cards for the option of better graphical performance or better battery life. The switch can be made simply by selecting option and then logging out and logging back in.

Overall the Macbook Pro and the Macbook, which is really the same computer with a slightly less-powerful processor and smaller screen are both extremely elegant and powerful laptops. I only have two complaints, first is that all Mac notebooks do not have memory card readers which is something that I think every computer needs since, more and more devices use memory cards and a memory card reader is something that every computer should have. My only other complaint is that the new line of Mac laptops use a proprietary display port that require users to buy an adapter just to use a secondary monitor which is plain ridiculous for a computer at that price! Even though I veyr rarley use a secondary display I always like having the option and choice to use it.

I plan to continue coverage of my major switch expirences not only for the remainder of Apple Week but, also throughout the future of my blog.

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