Macworld 2009 Predictions

On January 6th, Phil Shiller will give the closing keynote at Macworld expo and will presumably announce new Apple products for the final time at Macworld! Although Steve Jobs is not giving the announcement I still think this will be an exciting keynote. As I do for all the other Apple keynotes I will predict what I believe will be announced at Macworld 2009.

1.    Mac Mini Updated or Cancelled
The Mac mini has just sat on the sideline as all the other Apple Products have been updated. The Mac Mini as a reminder is the Mac in a small box and sells for $599, making it the most affordable Mac. The Mac Mini does not come with a display, keyboard or mouse but is still a good machine. If Apple upgrades it, I think it will get a faster processor, more ram and larger hard drive. I also think it will have a Unibody like the new macbooks. The other option is they turn the Mac Mini into a Apple TV and computer and make an affordable media center pc. Or Apple might just decide that people prefer their less expensive notebooks and discontinue the mini all together.
2.    iPhone/iPod Touch 3.0 Software-
Last year, Apple released the iPhone 2.0 software and I think it is time for them to put a new update and more features for their amazing touch device. I think Macworld will be a great time for it since they already updated many of their other products during the year.
3.    Guest Appearance by Steve Jobs-
As I said in my “Can Macworld survive without a Stevenote”, Macworld is not the same without Steve Jobs and even though he isn’t giving the keynote, I think that he will make an appearance either for a demo or over video chat. They need to do something to appease all the angry Steve Jobs fans.
4.    iMac Update-
With the Macbooks and ipods being already updated in the fall, the iMac is due for an update to a faster processor, a larger hard drive and most likely, an Nvidia graphics card to keep up-to-speed with the Macbooks.
5.    Ultraportable Macbook
Ultra-portable Macbooks have been all the rage this year and all the other major computer companies have created one. Apple tried to make their own portable Macbook, the Macbook Air, but it is too big and too expensive to compete with Ultraportable Laptops like the EEEPC that sells for $300. I think Apple will create their own affordable, ultra-portable Macbook.

These are all my predictions for this years Macworld, it was difficult to make predictions for this Macworld mainly because there were so many events this year that many product lines are not due to be updated again. Also, check out on Wednesday, after the keynote for my reactions and summary.  Finally remember to check before all future Apple events for future predictions.

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