Magic Mouse Review

When the Magic Mouse first came out, I wasn’t very impressed. However, now that I have used one for over a month it is a great mouse. The mouse itself is a bit flat and can take some time to get used to the ergonomics but, once you do, you will love it. The entire mouse can be used to click unless the secondary click is enabled in the settings which can be set to use either the left or right side.  This is a feature I wish was enabled by default because secondary (right click) is essential for many tasks. Scrolling is much smoother than the Mighty mouse because it is a multitouch device instead of a little scroll ball. It also has the option to swipe through for things such as pictures using 2 fingers. You can also zoom into the screen using the pinch to zoom multitouch gesture. The magic mouse is also a wireless mouse which I was originally was against but it is extremely reliable and the battery life is great. I never turn it off and the mouse lasts for a very long time. I do recommend using a  rechargeable  batteries to prevent wasting  many single use batteries but, all in all this is a great mouse. I don’t think it justifies a $70 price tag but, you can find it online for half the price as I did and it is a great mouse!

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