March 7th Apple Event Prediction

Tomorrow,  Apple is holding an event at the Yerba Buena Center, where it is widly accepted that they will be announcing the next generation iPad. There have been  rumors of other annoucement they may make but, the invitation confirms that the iPad will be the center of the presentation. There may be other announcements that tie into the new iPad but the new iPad will be the main event.

Many people have speculated about the features of the new iPad but, main rumor that has been speculated about is the addition of a high resolution retina display like on the last two generations of iPhones. I think this will definitely happen because there have been several reports of high resolution 10-inch screens being made for Apple and the invitation that was sent out for the event shows a very high resolution iPad screen. This is probably going to be the major new feature of the new iPad. Then, there are two changes that happen with every product update, the first is an upgraded processor, there have been rumors suggesting that Apple may even be putting a quad-core processor in the new iPad which would be very impressive seeing that my Macbook Pro still has a duel core processor but either way we are expecting a new processor either a slightly upgraded A5x or a brand new A6. The other ubiquitous upgrade is a higher resolution camera, even though I don’t see too many people using an iPad to take pictures or video, it is still something not to hard to upgrade and beneficial to those who use it. I just don’t think the size of the iPad makes it a viable replacement to a still or video camera not to mention the fact that the cameras built into the iPad right now are very low resolution. Apple has also typically made their new products slimmer than their predecessors which is very possible however there are rumors of the new iPad being thicker and have increased battery life. I think it will still be thinner than the current iPad and possible will still see a boost in battery life but either way, I don’t see Apple making the iPad thicker and in the opposite direction they went the iPad 2. The other feature that would make sense to add to the new iPad is Siri, the new personal assistant that was unveiled with the iPhone 4S in the Fall. This is more of a software feature but, it makes sense for Apple to release it with new hardware to give Siri enough power and most likely only make it available with the new iPad.

People have been debating whether this new iPad will be called the iPad 3 or the iPad HD because of the new Retina display. I think they will still call it the iPad 3 because using HD in product names was popular when high definition was a new technology and just emerging, and even then it wasn’t the best naming convention. The only reason I could logicaly see them using the name “iPad HD” is if they have one iPad with the Retina display and one without a Retina display. But, I still believe this is not a very likely scenario and there will be just one new iPad.  I do however think they will keep the iPad 2 and sell it at a lower pricing point like they have with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The other possible thing we may see is an announcement or more likely a preview of the next version of iOS. However, since iO5 just came out in October, I doubt we will see the release of iOS 6 anytime soon but maybe they will give us a sneak peek or maybe announce iOS 5.1 or 5.5 with a just few new features.

There are three things that I do not think we will see, although many people have speculated that we will. The first is the Apple Television (an actual television set as apposed the the current Apple TV set top box). I do think this product is imminent as it was more or less confirmed in the Steve Jobs biography but, it will have it’s own special event, this event is all about the iPad. The other rumor is a smaller iPad which although might be appealing to some people, but I don’t think Apple will have multiple screen sizes because that might make it too similar to the iPod Touch and Apple doesn’t typically fragment their product lines. The final thing I don’t see happening is the inclusion of 4G LTE, I think Apple will add it to their products but it makes more sense for them to start with the iPhone and then bring it to the iPad.

After the event on Wednesday check back for a review of what happened with analysis on to see if my predicts were right and if there were any surprises.

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