Mass Communication Blog 1: House Vs. Reality

“House” is  a show about the diagnostics department at a hospital which is led by Dr. House, a brilliant, yet unconventional doctor who acts as if he has never heard of bedside manners. Dr House  lies to and manipulates his patients while he treats them, and is motivated not only by curing the patient but, to prove himself right and feed his own ego. “House” is a great show from the aspect of it being entertaining and keeping the viewers’ attention,  even the use of medical terminology maybe fairly accurate. However,  there is so much about “House” that would never be permitted to go on at a hospital. If a real doctor did even one of the things Dr. House did they would not only be fired, but would also lose their medical license and possibly face jail time.

One of the most common illegal practices Dr. House commits is betting on patients, he makes wagers with other staff members over whether or not his diagnosis was correct and then  more times than not, he interferes with the patient, risking their well being so that he could win the bet. Another major infraction of Dr. House is him lying and tricking his patients, doctors are supposed to do whats best for the patient, although that is what House believes that is what he is doing, manipulating the patients would never be permitted in a real hospital and would also lead to a doctor loosing their license. Finally but, perhaps Dr. House’s biggest infraction is his addition to drugs, early in the show he was shot in the leg which obviously causes him an immense amount of pain but led to him become addicted to Vicodin. Throughout  the series he has been seen popping Vicodin while at work which is absolutely illegal for a doctor to be under the influence of anything that would affect their judgement.

In real life, Dr. House would probably be fired for just one of the previously mentioned practices, but, if he got fired every time he broke the rules, the show would be boring. The show would also be boring if Dr. House was just a brilliant Dr. who always followed the rules. The commodity in mass media is the attention of viewers so a show about a well-behaved doctor wouldn’t make the network any money. The writers of the show do an amazing job at blending the factual medical information to make it seem realistic and fiction to make an extremely entertaining medical show.  This keeps audiences wanting more, making the show lucrative to advertisers and keeping it on the air. “House” isn’t the only show to do this, all shows must step beyond reality in order to prevent the show from becoming boring and unable to make money for the networks.

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