Mass Communication Blog 2: CNN and Al Jazeera Go Head To Head

When consuming news media, everyone should be mindful of is the bias or spin of each particular media source. This blog post will compare the coverage of the Mitt Romney’s victory in the Maine Caucus as presented by CNN and by Al Jezeera. The story is overall the same however, the audience of the the media outlets are very different and therefore, they need to produce content that bests serves the wants and needs of that particular audience. In this modern age, niche audiences are king and media producers can’t just produce stories that serve everyone, nor is it practical. Although the story of what actually happened, as in Mitt Romney winning the Maine Caucus, each media outlet will have their own spin to best serve their own target audience.

With these stories, both stories are very similar to each other. Both open with how Mitt Romney has lost the past three primaries and won a close vote beating Rick Santorum by 3%. They then go quotes from his victory speech backing up his conservative values and how he believes that he will be the best candidate to run against President Barrack Obama.

The big difference between the two articles is that the CNN article went much further in depth over how this impacts the overall election and also includes quotes from Governor Romney’s opponents on their thoughts over the election and affirming their beliefs that they are still the best candidates to run against the President in November.  Many attacked Governor Romney and his stances on the many issues. The Al Jazeera version was a lot more concise and focused primarily on the “big picture” and didn’t go into nearly as much detail because obviously the primary election doesn’t impact their target audience nearly as much as it does for US citizens.

Typically, there are a lot more differences between the two media outlets because they are so different. Although the version of Al Jazeera used for this comparison was the English version, it is based Qater and it’s target market are people of Arab origin. CNN is the largest cable news network in the United States and targets the typical American citizen. These are two very different target audiences and each require a very different focus. In the case of this story and probably is the case with most American news, CNN can go into further detail because it directly impacts the target audience and their daily lives. Al Jazeera is focused much more on the Arab world and would therefore spin the story in such a way that it focuses on how news affects that part of the world.


  1. Mary Bock says:

    Mike — well done. Just a couple nit picky things. Our president spells his name with only one “r.” Also, get used to consistenly referring to corporations as “it” (no matter what Mitt Romney says about corporations being people. 🙂 — i.e. Al Jazeera and “their” audience. Finally — great essay, on target, details, support…in the end, though, it needs a summarizing conclusion.

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