Mass Communication Blog 3: Wired Magazine’s Target Demographic

Wired magazine is one of the most poplar technology magazines and serves an audience of 3.2 Million people, mostly young men. The content and advertisements in Wired reflect this demographic by providing content about science and technology that would interest young men either in college or who just graduated from college. This demographic is also known to have high amounts of disposable income and more likely to spend their money on luxury items like expensive cars. It is because of this that the ads in Wired are luxury items, such as top-shelf alcohol,luxury cars, watches, electronics and other products that people with more disposable income are prone to buy.

According to Wired’s advertising information, their readers are 72% male, and 82% of them graduated from or at least attended college and have a median age of 36. This is very important information because it is a well known fact that people who gradate from college makes significantly more income than those who do not and therefore are more likely to have more money to spend on products and services from advertisers. The median household income is over $83,000 which is widely considered upper-middle class which is great for advertisers, because obviously, people with less money are less likely to buy unnecessary products or services. To that same effect, 78% of Wired’s readership is employed and 48% of them are in professional positions.  This is a very valuable demographic to advertisers because many people who are in it are just out of college and have not started a family yet. Many studies have shown that people in this demographic has more disposable income than any other demographic group and are very profitable.

The products that are advertised in Wired reflect its target demographic’s higher income level by advertising products that services that people who are on a stricter budget would not be able to afford. Some products that are advertised in Wired are digital cameras, mid to high range cars, investment services, high-end watches and other luxury items. The magazine content is targeted to the same audience and is mostly about technology and science subjects that would interest a young, mostly male audience. This includes things from reviews of the newest smartphones to advances in space science that could allow people to travel to the moon. The majority of the people who would be interested in these subjects are young males, although some women may be interested in this, which is the target demographic of Wired and signals them that this is for them.


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