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I recently was looking at laptops in a store and I was shocked by how big the 17 inch screen laptops were. It’s one thing to see a picture of a 17-inch laptop on a website, but in person, when you see various laptops right next to each other, you can really see that although it is a 2-inch (diagonal) difference, it makes a major difference in the size of the laptop. Personally,I never bought a  laptop with a screen larger than 15-inches; I think with that size, it give a big enough screen without being too bulky and cumbersome to travel with. Even though I don’t and haven’t carried my laptops with me a whole lot which is mostly a personal preference.  If you need a bigger screen than my recommended 15-inches and don’t mind it not being portable then I would recommend just getting a desktop computer so that it could be connected to as big of a monitor as you want. The one reason that I would recommend someone getting  a larger screen laptop is if you need it for graphic-intense purposes like graphic design, video editing or video games while your on the go. Those are just some of the tasks that benefit from the larger screen while some people need that type much workspace on the go, I think most computer users don’t. Another important reason is if you have issues viewing things that are small, then you might want to choose a larger screen laptop so you can make things large enough to be easily read.

If you want the best of both worlds, you could get a smaller screen laptop like maybe a 13 inch laptop  and then when you need a larger screen, you can  connect it to a larger LCD monitor so when you need the big screen when you work at a desk but if your traveling, you can just use the laptop’s monitor. This solution works great as long as you don’t need the large screen when you travel since, traveling with an extra monitor is even more cumbersome than a larger laptop. The other downside of this, is that the smaller screen laptops usually have less power for example, the top-of-the-line 13-inch MacBook Pro is still significantly less powerful that the entry 15-inch MacBook Pro. This is most likely because of the obvious fact that the smaller laptop has less space inside the case so parts have to be smaller in order to fit, and typically smaller  component are typically less powerful. This is a consideration that is important if you need you computer for high power tasks. But either way unless you have graphic-intense purposes for your laptop or if you have vision issues, I think that most people should get laptop with a 15-inch screen at the most to maximize usability as well as portability


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  1. Reed says:

    I agree my sister wanted a 17″ laptop, which might have worked because she only moves it about once a week. I showed how her heavy it was and that you cant’t really use them on your lap and she got a 15 which she loves. Keep up the good work!

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