Moves Review- A Pedometer for your iPhone


We all know that most of us, myself included, need to walk more than we do. Yes, we could just take a walk but, most people do a some amount of walking in their daily life, whether it be around the house, at work or moving from place to place, but don’t know how much walking they actually do. There are ways of recording those every day movements, most simply, a pedometer that can be purchased fairly cheap. There are also the wrist bands that track movements like the FitBit or the Nike Fuel band but those cost around $100 and they need to connect to a computer or smartphone running an application to record data.

Moves is a free iPhone application that enables iPhone users to track the number steps, the distance walked and the total time spent walking each day using the the GPS built-into the iPhone. Once installed, simply launch the app once to make sure its ready and its ready to go. Moves can determine when someone is walking and when they are driving or riding, preventing users from being credited extra steps. The app shows results in a beautiful, graphic


timeline the day showing how much walking has been done in each location and includes a map of the day’s travels.
Places are normally named by the town or city by default for example, “Place in Philadelphia”. Places can be labeled as home, work, school or even better, Moves ties into Foursquare and has a list of nearby locations to choose from if the user chooses to do so.

The timeline allows users to go through their day and see how much walking they have done at each location. On the top of each day, is a summary bubble that shows: total number of steps, total time spent walking for the day and total distance walked for the whole day and the more you walk, the larger the summary bubble will be. Days where the user has reached a personal best, will also have a record banner on the summary bubble as well.There is a week view as well to see the entire week at-a-glance as well as previous weeks. Moves also ties into social media allowing for summary bubbles or for the more daring, the entire timeline to be shared via Facebook, Twitter, email or saved as a picture to the iPhone Camera roll.

There is only one con of using Moves, which is battery usage. Moves uses the GPS constantly in order to track your movement which is a major drain on the battery. Personally, my iPhone 4 is still able to make it through the day, although, the battery is draining more than it has previously. The Move app does however have some power saving options such as setting a timer to turn off tracking for a set amount of time,  which is useful for those who are staying relativly still for a long period of time. Tracking can also be paused until the phone is charged again or users can simply turn tracking off manually and it will stay off until it is turned back on.

Moves is however a great free application that allows iPhone users to use a device they tend to always have on them to easily keep track if how much walking they do each day. It is great for the fitness enthusiast and couch potato alike by making it easy to see how much they walk in their daily lives. I highly recommend this app despite the fact it does cause significant battery drain because it makes tracking walking amazingly easy on a device that is almost always with you.

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