My Getting Things Done Guide

As I become more and more busy, I  need to keep myself organized so I make sure I don’t forget anything and stay efficient when i’m working. I have created a system based around my iPod Touch and the cloud that has been working very well and has kept me organized and efficient for sometime now. I thought it could be helpful if I share my strategy to help those who need to get more organized and need a tried and true system.

  1. Calendar– I use Google Calendar as my calendar system  and synchronize that with my iPod Touch. I keep any events and appointments on it that I need to attend even thing that I have every week just so I have a master calendar that has everything I have going on. I also have multiple calendars for personal events, classes, special events, work, etc. This further organizes my events by having each separate calendar in a different color.
  2. Task List– I also use the Todo app on my iPod Touch which synchronizes with ToodleDo online that I can add and modify tasks online in my web browser on on my iPod Touch which I always carry with me. I put anything that I need to do, as well as blog articles that I want to write. I also have recurring tasks for most things that I need to do regularly, this may sound excessive but, I would rather be over-organized than unorganized.
  3. Lists– For anything else I need to remember I make lists in Zenbe list which also synchronizes with the internet. I use this for things to buy among many other things. Before I carried electronic devices I would make paper lists which work just as well although they don’t have the back-up of the cloud meaning if the list is lost you are out of luck.
  4. Notes– I use Evernote for anything I write whether they are blog post, plans, etc and they sync with the internet and can be edited online as well as on my computer using the desktop application. This is much better than the iOS Notes app which doesn’t sync and can only be used on the iOS Device.
  5. Email- I use Gmail for my email which is also setup with my iPod Touch so that I can respond to email where ever I am and not have to wait until i’m back on my computer.

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