My History With Apple

Believe it or not, I was not always the major Apple fan that I am today. In fact for most of my ife I was a major Windows fan and continued to be up-until recently. Looking back, there were good reasons for my distate with Apple the primary reasons the lack of power on the old Macs of that time, they were slow and inefficent. The other issue I had was that the operating system was outdated and Apple had not been innovating for a long time and making their OS better.

Starting in Kindergarten. my school used Macs, taught us to use Apple Works and the Mac OS. At first, I had no issue with it, probably because I was young and took no notice to the computers being slow, but, after I got my first computer in 3rd Grade, I realized that Windows was way more advanced than the Mac and I thought that the Mac was a lost cause.  I thought that Windows had a better operating system and better software and Apple was just a junk os. I continued this belief through Middle School and the first half of High School. But then things changed.

There were two turing points for Apple that caused me to re-think Thinking Different, both of these changes occured after Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. The first change was in 2000 when Apple unveiled Mac OSX, a new, powerful and modern operating system that Microsoft has yet to beat to this day. However, this was not too much of a change at first as far as speed was concerned because Apple still used Power PC processors which were much slower and made the new operating system still be slow. However, that changed in 2006 when Apple announced that they would transition to Intel processors. I believe that it is because of these two factors that has led to Apples major increase in marketshare and success. Since these changes I have become a major Apple fan and last Ocotber I bought a Macbook Pro after realizing that Macs were the best machines for video production. After all that hate, I am now considering whether on not I am ever going to buy a Windows machine again and if Windows 7 isn’t a complete improvement over Vista then the answer may be no!

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