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 The image that I chose to represent me does, in fact, do just that online on many websites as my avatar. I made this logo myself years ago, I honestly can’t even remember when, to use as a personal logo as well as my logo on my website There are minor variations for my blog that adds the “.net”, for my blog and other version for video blogs. The general design, however, is very the similar across all the versions. I also use this image as my avatar on many social networks among other sites. Although it may not be the greatest “logo” and is probably due for a redesign, I spent time making it and making sure it looked good so I had something nice that I could use not only on my blog but also on various other sites I use across the web. The font and the color choice also represent me because blue happens to be my favorite color, maybe not this exact shade, but I thought that this color would look best as a logo and on videos (I actually prefer a darker blue). I also really liked the look and design of the font that I used which, if your wondering is called “Brush Script STD”.

My personality is not too different online than I am in offline (real life). I know a lot of people use their online persona to vent and say things they can’t say in real life, since they keep their profiles private, but that’s not me! Anything that I put on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, my blog or anywhere else on the web, is something that I would say in person or many time something that I have already said in person and want to share online. That said, online I do take on the role as a blogger and in the past have been a podcaster providing information so, I do try and be more professional in my public web persona because I want to be taken seriously as a good source of information.  

As I said before, I only say things online that I would say to people in person. I think even more about what I write online because I know they could impact me negatively in the future like when I’m trying to get a job. I’m also am not afraid to use the “Remove Tag” button on Facebook, much to the dismay of my friends, for pictures or other Facebook content that would cause me to look less professional when applying for a job. Although I know my Facebook profile is private, just to friends, I have seen social networks “accidentally” make private information public via data leaks and in mistakes with upgrades. The best way to prevent something embarrassing from being accidentally made public is to not have anything to hide. Facebook has also recently improved their privacy controls, which allow you to approve tags in both posts and pictures before they go live which I highly recommend enabling as a great way to prevent unwanted tags.

My twitter feed (which also feeds into my Facebook status updates) as well as my blog posts are public so anyone can read them. The newest social network, Google Plus, has a great privacy system, which Facebook is now copying, where you can choose which circles of friends you want to share content with, for example, you can share something with just friends but not with co-workers and family. Once again, I know I may be paranoid, one minor error could make everything public, which is why I’m so careful about what I put in the Internet.

I am very much the contrast of most college students online, while they use the Internet to vent in a so-called “Private network” I am more careful online to make it easier for me in the future to keep my online identity professional. I may be a little too careful, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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