New Name For Cloud Computing: Browser Computing

The term “Cloud Computing” is a bit too broad in my opinon and because of that I think that it is a term that confuses the average user. I gave my definition of cloud computing but  I think that inorder for people to fully understand what Cloud Computing is it needs to have a more “user-friendly” name.

My suggestion of a new name is browser computing, because most cloud computing is accessed via a web browser. This new name would also allow people to understand that Cloud Computing is essentially using web-based applications and storing data online. Anyone who uses webamil for their email is utilizing Cloud Computing but, many people don’t know that. Browser computing is much more of a friendly, down to earth name that represents cloud computer best! I think they should be synonomous and can be used intercvhangably to prevent confusion. But, I believe that Browser Computing will be the best for n00bs who have no idea that they are very likley using cloud computing and don’t know it!

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