Personal Update- 1/15/13

It has once again been a while since I wrote a personal update, let alone a blog post. It has been a busy past semester with it being my semester on-campus at Kutztown and had a lot going on. I do plan to write more regular blog posts soon, there just wasn’t much time for it during this semester.

This semester, I took more classes related to what I would like to do than any previous semester which was great! I finished the semester with a 3.5 GPA, which is the highest I have ever had! Events and Documentary production was probably one of the best classes, where we broadcast all the home football games live (both on TV and live stream to the web) where we rotated through different positions for the production. Then, at the end of the semester we produced two documentaries, about the football season and the marching band. I was in the Marching Band group however, I  still did a fair amount of  work on the football documentary as well. I have posted both the Football and the Band documentaries to my Youtube channel.

To fulfill a General Education requirement, I took computer graphics where I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator which will be helpful in making graphics for video projects. I have posted many of my projects to Flickr. Technical Writing and Communication was another great class, I learned how to make useful technical documentation and how to make the most out of the least amount of words making it effective in getting the point across. Some of the projects include: a Process Description  (how to setup a WordPress blog), a Product Description, and a User Manual. I have included those projects as links to this posts as PDFs. I found Technical Writing to be extremely useful for me since I am in a technical field and need to explain to people how to do something technical, and in taking this class I learned how to make technical documentation easy to follow and understand, without leaving out any important steps.

I also took a 1-credit independent study to create new intro, credit and bumper graphics for Camera 1, KU-TV’s Magazine show. This allowed me to expand my knowledge of motion graphics programs while creating something that will be used in an actual production.  I created the graphics using Motion, part of the Final Cut Studio suite as well Adobe Photoshop. These graphics are also posted on my Youtube Channel!

This semester, I also began production on my show, Showcase that I had developed to show off the best work created by Electronic Media majors and interviewed some of the people behind it. It was great leading a great production crew and being involved in every step of production from concept to final distribution.  We were only able to produce two episodes due to time restrictions after Hurricane Sandy but we produced two really great shows.  I am now passing Showcase onto a new group of producers to continue the production this semester since I will not be on-campus.  The shows we produced this semester are posted on the Showcase Youtube page. Although I will not be in Kutztown this Spring, I plan to stay involved in Showcase and help the producers as much as they need and help them continue to produce great shows.

I also continued to be heavily involved in the National Broadcasting Society attending all the major events and serving my final term as Treasurer. Part of my responsibilities this semester was to write a manual for the new treasurer so they have a guide covering all the major responsibilities involved with the position, I wrote a similar manual for the new producers of Showcase as well. This is where that Technical Writing class and learning how to write a manual becomes very helpful.

I continued to work for the Philosophy department this semester where I transfered the website to the new Ingenuix content management system website that Kutztown implemented for their entire site and trained other student workers how to use the website since this was my last semester. I also worked for ResNet providing technical support for on-campus students this semester which was great and I learned a lot as well.

So what am I doing next semester? Well I will have a full-time internship at Allied Pixel, a production company in Media, PA they produce corporate video, commercials and have a web design group as well! It  will be 5-days-a-week, full-time and then I will be taking Senior Seminar which is totally online so I will be living at home instead of at Kutztown. I am very excited to put everything I have learned to use, not to mention not having to worry about tests and studying! My internship will begin on the first day of the semester, and will be full-time.  Over my Winter break, I am working at Staples again until my internship starts and I may continue to work at Staples on the weekends during my internship.

I made a couple purchases, first I got Adobe CS6 since there is an incredible student discount, almost $1,000 off, so I figured I might as well get it while I can get it cheaper and use it for my computer graphics class instead of having to rely on lab computers. I also sold my original iPad and Nexus 7 and bought the new iPad 4th generation when it was released in early November. The reason I sold my Nexus 7 is that because I only really used my iPad and the Nexus 7 didn’t have all the apps that I use regularly. Finally, I just bought a 4 TB external hard drive since my old 2 Tb drive was filling up and I believe is on its way out. I have also been posting some new pictures on Flickr as well, many of them are from Instagram. My other new past-time is to use IFTTT, which is an automation site that does connects and automates many websites including Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, and more. It lets me do repeated tasks automatically, much like scripting for the web. It also allows me to have push notifications sent to my phone automatically using the Pushover app.

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