Personal Update 1/22/09

I can’t believe how fast January went, by so fast and I haven’t written a Personal update for January yet, which I promised to do every month. However, my life has been quite hectic recently and I have not been able to give as much time to my blog, but I should be able to focus much more now.

I juat finished thr first semester of my senior year, I took English 12, Video Editing, Business Law and Senior Project. I earned an A on my Senior project and got the highest score possible for my presentation. I plan on posting this project on the internet in the future. This was my busier semester and next semester will be much more relaxing since I am taking all elective courses and already have all the credits needed for graduation. This also will allow me to spend more time working on this site and my other web projects.

Speaking of web projects, I have been writing a lot of articles and have updated the site and other pages. I have been working hard on developing my new projects and plan to make to major launches by the end of February of two more sites. I have also spent a lot more time taking pictures and have been teaching myself how to use photoshop and plan to integrate my new hobbies and skills into future articles. I have also post many new pictures on my Flickr profile and  I have been posting 3 days a week and also plan to post more content intermittently between normal release days. I have also been teaching myself how to use Final Cut Express and have been learning the best methods of video editing on Final Cut. Also,  as you have seen there are some major new things coming to and the Gdovin Network and the teaser trailer release a few days ago was just beginning of more to come.

My Junior Achevement company is going well, we have changed our product from Duffle Bags and tote bags to Alluminum water bottles inorder to spread awareness of the enviromental impact of plastic water bottles and to encourage people to buy our bottles and to do their part in saving the environment.

In the next month you will see a lot of growth in the Gdovin network and I have a lot of great ideas to continue to expand the site. I have many plans and ideas and the ones I am currently working on are developing smoothly and I already have decided on the next generation of ideas that I will develop.

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