Personal Update- 2-27-12

Wow it’s been a really long time since I wrote one of these updates and yet not too much new has happened. I finished last semester with a 3.0 GPA again and then was home for a five week break, which is longer than previous Winter Breaks because Kutztown is now trying to have a Winter Semester online and needs more time to teach those classes. Over break I didn’t do all that much but the one major thing I did was change all my passwords which was probably the first time I did this in about 5 years! I plan to now change them much more frequently from now on and wrote an article about some password best practices that I came across when changing all my passwords. I wrote a fair number of articles since my last update and also posted all my blogs posts from New Media and Communication class last semester bringing the total post count up to 372 including this post! Also on the blogging front, I wrote an article for my Scientific Writing Class this semester about whether or not expensive cables like Monster Cable were worth the price and I posted that as well!

Now I am back at Kutztown and the semester is already almost half over, where does the time go? I am taking 7 classes for a total of 18 credits (this is because I have Intro. To Biology and Intro. Biology Lab which together are still only three credits) my schedule seems manageable and this is my second to last semester  on campus because next Spring, I will have a full time Internship at a location to be determined some time next semester. This semester I am taking Intro. To Mass Communication which also requires me to blog a few times this semester and those posts can can be found here. I am still working for both the Philosophy and Electronic Media (My Major) departments as a student worker. Along with a group of other Electronic Media majors, I have been involved in the broadcasting several Basketball games live to television and to the internet already this semester and we plan to do many more broadcasts before the semester is over.

This semester is also the  first semester that I am not involved in Newsbreak. Newsbreak has been a great experience but I have now moved on to develop a show called “Showcase” that shows some of the best projects made by the students in my major. This is a concept that I came up with a while ago and I am now working very hard on getting the show ready to air by the end of the semester! It is a lot of fun and I think it will be a great show! I will post more details about Showcase as decisions are made.

Showcase is being produced through National Broadcasting Society, which I was reelected Treasurer of in December, so I will hold that position for one more year! NBS is also heavily involved in the Basketball broadcasts and the several other productions this semester. We will also be going to New York City this year for our National Convention the third week of March.

I am still posting my pictures of Flickr (mostly taken on my iPhone now, because it is so convenient).

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