Personal Update 2-28-09

Wow, February has been a very busy month between launching Cloud Scoop, a new site dedicated to Cloud Computing, moving to daily blog posts and becoming an Eagle Scouts. February has been a bit busy and March won’t be much better. February was also the start of the second semester of my Senior year of school. I know Since I have posted two announcements during the month there is not too much more to report. I plan on write many more great blog posts and I have a lot of ideas. As for new stuff, I will launch at least one new service but, I will officially announce sometime this month hopefully in the first half. I might even launch a new podcast in March although that is not certain.

The Weekly Spin is up to 13 episodes and I am very happy with the progress the show has made. now has over 100 posts and I’m looking forward to the next 100! Overall, and the rest of the Gdovin network is moving along quickly!

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