Personal Update- 3/29/14

It has been a really, really long time since I wrote one of these personal updates. It’s been eight months since I wrote my last update. There hasn’t been too much news, I’ve been up to a fair amount since my last update.

I am still looking for a full time job and working at Staples. In addition, I have continued to write four times a month for Best Computer Science Degrees, and have recently focused on job profiles. I’ve also started working on a new project that I will go into more detail about probably on my next post.

I’ve made a few purchases since my last update. First and foremost is the iPhone 5S, this was a huge upgrade from my ailing iPhone 4.  The speed boost and improved camera alone were major upgrades, not to mention the many new features of the 5s. I have to say that be biggest improvement is the fingerprint reader which I makes unlocking my phone effortless. I don’t think I will upgrade my there is an iPad that features a fingerprint reader. iOS 7, and subsequently iOS 7.1,  was also another major update that really improved my iPhone experience. The new design breathed new life into iOS and made it even more powerful than before.

I am also trying to be more health conscious so in September, I bought the Fitbit Flex and then  replaced it shortly after with the new Fitbit Force when it was released. I am able to track my steps, calories and distance walked each day as well as sleep. It is a great way to track my daily activity and motivate me to move more. I am also tracking my caloric intake using MyFitnessPal which syncs with my Fitbit to give me a full picture of the calories I burn and consume each day.

I also bought The Google Chromecast and it is fantastic! Even though I already have a Roku streaming box, the Chromecast is great for playing videos off my devices wirelessly to my TV and will eventually will allow me to project Google Chrome tabs from my mobile devices to my TV as well. The Chromecast currently allows one to share Chrome tabs from their Chrome browser on their computer to their Chromecast, using a browser extension.  I think its a great little device and is a must have for anyone who likes to stream content over the web. I also got a refurbished, second-generation Nexus 7 as a deal on E-Bay. I previously owned the first generation Nexus 7 but, decided to give Android and the 7-inch tablet form-factor another chance. I use it mostly on breaks at work and to learn more about the Android platform.  My final purchase was a second 4 TB external Hard drive to backup my existing 4 TB drive. I use Crashplan for my online backup however if I were to lose my large files they would be a major pain to restore over the web. So I got the drive on clearance from Staples and have it set to clone my 4 TB hard drive every day. I plan to go into further detail about my backup method in an upcoming blog post.

Speaking of blog posts, I am planning to write much more frequently on here. I have a fairly long list of ideas and plan to get back to writing posts fairly regularly. That’s about all for now, as I said I am going to work on writing a lot more.


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