Personal Update- 6/29/11

Even though its been over a month since my last update, not too much has happened. I have been home from College for over a month and a half not too much has happened. I have been working at Staples as an Easy Tech Associate selling computers and other electronics. I really enjoy working at Staples and helping people buy electronics. That has been keeping me fairly busy but that’s not all that I have been up to this summer.

I have written several blog posts including my coverage of WWDC and the release of Final Cut Pro X. I plan to write many more posts throughout the summer and possibly work on some other projects. You also may notice that this site also looks different, I gave a much needed face-lift in the form of a new theme and have also integrated  my Flickr photo gallery as well!

I also got an iPhone, I have the 16 GB Verizon model. After no new iPhone was announced on WWDC and rumors began to emerge of Verizon replacing their unlimited data plans with tiered plans, I decided I would get the iPhone 4. As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I don’t see the next iPhone having any major new features, so I got the iPhone 4 and have really enjoyed having it. I sold my LG Env and iPod touch since my iPhone serves the purposes of both devices. This is first smartphone I’ve had and plan to write a blog about my experience. I also have been working on going paperless and as I mentioned previously, I will write a blog about that in the near future.


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