Personal Update: 8/15/2009

It has alreeady been almost a month since my last personal update and it has been a busy month and I will be getting even busier soon!

On the web front, I merged Cloud Scoop into’s Cloud Computing Section, which I did because I could not find too much content to keep both sites running and since I am going to college and will be becoming a full time student I figured it would be best to limit my web activities. not only has all the old Cloud Scoop content, I have also been adding video editing solutions and some other great content. The Weekly Spin has been continuing and Plaz and I agreed hopefully to only take one week off for moving into college and then continue the show. Tecker 911 has recorded it’s final and 100th episode! I will definitly tweet when the last episodes are released.

On the personal front, I am moving into college in exactly two weeks! This is really soon and I still have a lot to do but, I am very excited! I ordered all my textbooks from which saved a lot of money over the school bookstore. I went to New Orleans and the beach, I just got back from the beach , all my pictures are on Flickr!

That is about it for now, but, I will be blogging at college about experiences and all! I may not be able to blog as often depending on my workload but, I will try and blog when I have something to write if I have time!

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