Personal Update- 9/19/11

I know I seem to start every personal update with this but, this time it seems like it has REALLY been a long time since I wrote one of these updates. The end of summer flew by between vacations and working at Staples while I was also preparing to move back to school. I actually moved in to school two days early because of the hurricane that stuck the east coast. Kutztown was without power, water and internet access for about 10 hours and was interesting trying to use my iPhone as my primary internet device for a day, while also trying to conserve battery, I was down to 4% remaining when the power finally came back on. (I have since bought a backup battery for my phone, so I am prepared for the next power outage).  I’m back in the same dorm room that I have been in for the past two years at Kutztown and have already gotten back into the swing of things.

This semester seems as  though it will be even busier than most previous semesters because of my course load, my new job as a student worker for the Electronic Media department (my major), the new show I am producing, in addition to the other activities I am remaining heavily involved in. The classes I am taking this semester are: Dinosaurs (Yes it’s a real class!), Personal Financial Management, Video Post Workshop, Principle of Marketing, New Media and Communication and Financial Accounting. One of the class assignments for my New Media class is to write a blog every week, plan to eventually publish those posts on this blog too.

The new show that I am producing, was an idea  that I thought of a while ago, and have finally gotten around to developing and preparing it to begin production. The show is a magazine show that shows-off the best projects made by Electronic Media students. As of right now, they are turned in for a grade by the professor and are sometimes shown to the class.  I know that my classmates make some really great projects and thought that this show would be a great way to show-off what our major does and should not be very difficult to produce. NBS will be developing it this semester, and then plan to begin production next semester.  I will be running the show, which is exciting and I really am doing all I can to make it a great show. So far everyone who I have told about my idea, have thought it’s a great idea so I really trying to make this great!

As you can probably tell, I have been really busy since returning to school which explains the lack of blog posts. I have come up with many great ideas but haven’t had the chance to sit down and write them. I have downloaded and installed the Windows 8 Developer preview, in a virtual machine, and have played around a little with it, although I am going to wait for a slightly more evolved before I write my review. As of right now, Windows 8 lacks some major functionality!  I also continue to use Google Plus, although not as much as I did when I first joined, but I still think it is doing some great things that Facebook is now trying to copy. I also setup a new HDTV at home this weekend and plan to write an article about the process of picking out and setting up a HDTV. I plan to start blogging more soon and cover the topics I mentioned before as well as others that I have come up with. I also expect an Apple event for the new iPhone and launch of iOS 5 so, I will definitely cover those as well!

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