Personal Update- 9-7-12

Well, I’m back at Kutztown for my senior year and my final semester living on campus. Next semester I will be doing a full-time internship hopefully close to home in the Philidelphia area.

This summer, I worked at Staples again which was a great experience and became the top sales associate and Employee of the Month for the month of July!

Over the summer, I replaced my almost four-year old Macbook Pro with the new 15-inch non-retina Macbook Pro. I had been waiting for them the update the Macbook Pro so when I heard they were releasing new Macbook Pros in June, I decided it was time to upgrade. After much thought, I chose the non-retina Macbook Pro because although I rarely use it, I still need an optical drive for somethings including turning in class project. I also realized that I could upgrade the computer to maximize the RAM at 16 GB and upgrade to a solid state hard drive for much less than if I have Apple do it. So my computer is maxed out at 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD. Needless to say, it is super fast and a major improvement over my old computer which I recycled for some money to offset the cost of the new computer. I also upgraded my computer to Mountain Lion when that was released in July which adds some great new features to an already great OS.

My other major purchase over the summer was the Google Nexus 7. I decided to buy this because it is an affordable way to try out Android and the 7 inch form-factor and the $25 credit is great to way to get started with apps and other content. I wrote a full review of the Nexus 7.

Now that I’m back at Kutztown, I am very busy. I am enrolled six classes: Computer Graphics, Technical Writing, Events and Documentary Production, Geology, Media Theory and Aesthetics, and an Independent Study to produce an intro and other graphics for one of our shows. I plan to post some of my work from Computer Graphics, Technical Writing, and my Independent Study either as I complete work or if I’m don’t get a chance during the semester,  I will post it all at the end of the semester. My Events and Documentary class will be broadcasting all the home football games this season and then make a documentary on the team’s season and another documentary on the band. This is great hands-on experience and a lot of fun!

In addition to my classes I am still very actively involved in National Broadcasting Society (NBS) as Treasurer for the Kutztown Chapter and am also on the National Advisory Task Force that is in-charge of planning the annual National Convention which will be held in Washington DC this year. Another project that I have been working on for a while is my show, “Showcase”, which will show the best projects made by Electronic Media majors and will begin production soon!

I am working two jobs this semester, as previously announced, I am working for ResNet which provides technical support for on-campus students which has been great and lets me use my knowledge to help students with their technical issues  I am also continuing to work for the Philosophy Department and will be transitioning the website from the old site to the new content management system that is being used for the new Kutztown University website.

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