Personal Update- July 21, 2013


It’s been over six months since I wrote an update and a lot has gone on since then! I spent my final semester of college doing a full-time internship with Allied Pixel. It was a fantastic learning opportunity, and gave me a chance to use a lot of professional equipment I wouldn’t normally have access to. My internship also allowed me to see the business side of the production business and how that affects the project and the company as a whole. I have posted all my internship journals, which go into detail what I did every day of my internship. The other class I took was Senior Seminar which was focused on preparing to enter the job market and finding a post-graduation job. While interning, I also continued to work at Staples on the weekends.

I was honored as a Dean’s Scholar this semester by the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I was also named the National Broadcasting Society Student Member of the Year at the National Conference in March.  I then graduated from Kutztown University on May 18th my Bachelors of Science in Electronic Media.

I am continuing to work at Staples while I look for a full-time position in my field. I have been looking for positions in video production, web development, social media, technical support and writing. I have also started Freelance writing four times a month, for Best Computer Science degrees about technology careers.  I have also been blogging a lot here on my personal blog about recent technological developments and plan to continue to build on my over 400 posts!

I did make one major purchase, I finally decided to buy a DSLR and got the Canon Rebel T4i for a great deal! I plan to use it for video primarily as well as some photography. I am still learning how to use it but I plan to post some  on Flickr and/or Youtube. I have also been working on learning code on CodeAcademy with HTML 5, although I already know some HTML, and then plan to learn CSS next!

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