Personal Update- March 7th, 2010

Wow, it’s been two months since I wrote another personal update! I have written several articles since and The Weekly Spin has returned from hiatus and we will be recording our 59th episode tonight! I have been very busy with my school work this semester but, I have also been doing extracurricular activities as well! I am producing Newsbreak, the night campus news show every Tuesday as well as working as crew for the show every night, which is 4 nights a week! I have also worked crew in 2 live basketball games and have really enjoyed that! In addition, I helped high school students in the DVC 4500 video contest in developing their 5 minute short films and then I helped judge the first round of judging which was a very fun experience.

Tuesday, I will be traveling to Dallas with my National Broadcasting Society grup to the national conference in Dallas, Texas. I am excited to attend workshops and learn new skills! We will also be touring various production facillities while we are in Dallas and I plan to take many pictures which I will post on my Flickr account.

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