Personal Update- May 16,2010

Well, I havn’t written a personal update in a while so, now that a lot has happened, I figured now would be a great time to write an update. I just finished my first full year of college at Kutztown University. I completed the year with a 3.0 GPA and have completed the four core classes of the Electronic Media Major, I also declared my Concomitant (Minor) in business.

While in school, I also became a member of the Natioal Broadcasting Society where we  have toured media facillities, such as 6 ABC in Philidelphia, went to Regional (in Millersville) and National (in Dallas, Texas) conventions where we learned from professionals and networked with both Students and Professionals. We also did several sports productions (2 basketball games live and 1 multi-camera shoot of a baseball game. Next year, we plan on expanding our activities and do even more productions. I also became involved in our campus news show, Newsbreak, four nights a week and continued to  produce this semester. I was also elected to the Executive Board with the  position of Webmaster for Newsbreak and have a lot of great new ideas for both the site and great new content for the site.

This past week, I moved all my sites from 1and1 to a new host, HostMonster primarily because 1and1 no longer had the technical specifications to upgrade WordPress. I’m glad I made the move although the process was very frustrating and espcicially when I first made the move  to Go Daddy and then moved to Host Monster. I am glad I made the move though because HostMonster offers more advanced features and will be better for the future of my sites.

Speaking of my websites, I am planning to write several new articles in the very near future now that I have a lot of more time to do it. I also have given a face-lift with a new theme and hope to complement that with some great new posts. The Weekly Spin has been going well, and we will be recording the 67th episode this week! Tomorrow, the 20th episode of Screencast Weekly will be released as well!

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