Personal Update- September 27, 2009

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Well it’s been over a month since I wrote my last update and there have been some changes since then! The biggest change is that I am now a college student at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania majoring in Electronic Media! I just completed my 4th week of class, and  I have really enjoyed college a lot! Some of my experiences have become blog posts like my idea of College without General Education Course and College Technology Survival Guide, and  be sure to expect more college-related posts as time goes by. I have posted pictures of my Dorm room to Flickr and will post many more once I get my camera back from being repaired. This semester I am taking: Scriptwriting for Electronic Media and Fundamentals of Video Production for Major-course, both I enjoy very much. One thing that Kutztown does in their media department, that most schools do not is they let us use all their equipment the first semester of our  classes while many others teach theory for the first year and then let the students use the equipment. Then for general education I am taking: College Composition, Introduction to Music Literature, and History of Civilization B. In addition to school work, I joined several activities on campus. First is Newsbreak, which is the fully student-run 15 minute  news show that broadcasts throughout campus and the surrounding areas. I will be working on Newsbreaks two nights a week, Tuesday as a Producer and Thrusday as Crew! I also joined the National Broadcasting Society, which is a group where broadcasting students, get together at conferences, learn more through workshops and network with professionals already in the field to have job-leads before graduating college. NBS also allows us togo on tours of production studios, and go to really cool conferences, the National Conference this year is going to be in Dallas, Texas! I also joined my residence Hall Council as well!

I have not done too much as far as websites are concerned, since I have been adjusting to college life, however, I have posted a few articles to my blog and more will be coming out soon. I also have some big plans for in the near future with a new site design, and the addition of a portfolio page so that as I develop some broadcast-related work, I can post it and have the best of it availible so everyone can see it! The Weekly Spin just hit 40 episodes! We only took one week off so Plaz an I could adjust to college but we are back on track and are now recording and releasing episodes on Sunday! I have a few new ideas for projects but, they are all in the early stages so I will share them if they make it to be  developed!

I just got a 1 Terrabyte External Firewire Hard Drive for my birthday which will be dedicated to al my video work and it is great! I have also become more of a user of web/cloud storage and now use Dropbox to synchronize my school work between my computers! I have also gotten pictures included in Schmap Guide of New York City for my pictures of Time Square and Rockefeller Center.

I think that is all for now, expect some changes to soon and I will be working on some more content very soon!

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