Photography and Video Production Require Similar Skills

Although, video production and photography are two different forms of expressing yourself, there are several skills that can be applied to both and this is why that before you begin learning how to produce video, you should get at least a primer in photography because those skill apply toward becoming a better video maker.

  1. White Balance
  2. Exposure
  3. Shutter Speed
  4. Lighting
  5. Framing Your Shot

If you can master these in photography, then you aron your way to becoming a better video producer. If you are already experienced in video production then you will be able to accellerate at photography!


  1. Reed says:

    But for video the camera usually controls the white balance for you. And in video there is no exposure or shutter speed because the shutter is always open.

  2. Mike Gdovin says:

    Only noobs use auto controls on good video camera you can change these settings

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