Purging Your Digital Life

Anyone like me who has been using a computer for over a decade probably has a lot of digital clutter as well as extra web accounts that you no longer want. The solution to this is that you can purge your digital life regularly and get rid of what you no longer want. I did this recently and it has cleaned up digital life significantly.

First, go through your computer or computers and find all the files that you no longer need. From there sort them into these folders: Save, Delete, and Undecided. For the “Save” folder, either put them in a special “archive” folder like I do, so that you can have easy access to your files but, they are not in the way of getting to the files that you need more frequently. Or, if you want to save space on your hard drive, you can archive the files on a  thumb drive or external hard drives. Everything in the delete folder just delete that folder and remember to empty the recycling bin or Trash Can. Then, once all that is done, go through the undecided folder and sort them out and repeat the process.

Next, it’s time to go through your applications on your computer. I recommend uninstalling any program that you do not use regularly or has been inactive for 6 months or more unless you have a specific use for it. That would help clear out your applications and give you more free space on your hard drive. Now go through your saved bookmarks in your web browser, delete any bookmark that you no longer need or don’t use. This will make navigating your bookmarks much easier in the future. The next step is to go through all your web accounts and delete once you don’t use anymore and get rid of what you no longer need. Finally go through all your email and delete old emails and getn rid of things you no longer want or need anymore.

By following my process and using it on your computer and digital life, you will have a lot more working room and less mess to deal with and your computing experience will be much easier.

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