QWERTY Keyboards, A mandatory Feature For All Future Cell Phone

The average cell phone uses a three letter per key input for text input. However, this is very slow even for a seasoned user it is much slower than a QWERTY keyboard. Also if you even want to use double letters or just two characters on the same key, you will have to wait. This is where QWERTY comes in, QWERTY is which is a single letter key keyboard because it has a key for each character, users can input text much faster! The one downside of these is the fact that they take up more space and generally QWERTY phones are a bit larger in size. There are two main types of QWERTY keyboards: hardware and touch screen although they both have their pros and cons, which I will compare later this week. I believe that the era of multi-character keyboards is over and I reccommend everyone who is looking for a new phone and uses text input at all should get a QWERTY keyboard because they will save you, the user time in the long run.

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