September 10th Apple Event Predictions

Apple has finally confirmed they will hold and event on September 10th for the much anticipated new iPhones among other new products. There is much speculation regarding what is going to be announced; from iPhones with a fingerprint reader, to multicolor iPhones, to refreshed Apple TVs, to an all new Apple smart watch. There’s also talk of new iPads, new Macbookss and plenty other products, however I believe the focus will clearly be on the iPhone and most likely products and services around it such as iOS 7, iCloud and yes, possibly the smart watch. These are the things I expect us to see announced this Tuesday by Tim Cook and Company.

What We Will Probably See:
iPhone 5S: The iPhone 5S, or as some are now expecting the iPhone 6, is expected to be based on the existing iPhone 5 design with improved processor, a fingerprint reader and hopefully improved battery life and camera. There are also rumors that seem less plausible, like it will be gold, but I’m not convinced, although multiple color options beyond the the standard black and white are very possible.

iPhone 5C: The iPhone 5C is believed to be the low-cost iPhone with multiple color options and possibly plastic cases. These are expected to provide a low cost phone option for those who want a smartphone without the $200 price tag. This is expand Apple’s market share, especially in developing countries, and with customers who want a smartphone, but don’t need the latest and greatest features.

iOS7: iOS 7 was previewed in June at WWDC and I expect to see another demo of the key features of iOS 7 next week. In addition to showing an almost finished, if not finished version of iOS 7, I expect an announcement of a release date which will likely be within a week or two of the event.

What We Probably Won’t See: 

Mac OS X Mavericks: Like iOS 7, we’ve already seen Mavericks, the next iteration of Mac OS X, at WWDC.  Unlike iOS 7, I don’t think we will see more than a mention of Mavericks at this event, as it is geared primarily towards the iPhones and iOS devices. There is expected to be  a Macbook event in October, and that would probably be a more likely time to review Mavericks.

iPods: September has long been when Apple unveiled their new iPods, however I think that may not happen this year. We haven’t seen or heard many if any rumors and I think that if there were any new iPods waiting in the wings, something would have leaked out. The only rumor regarding the iPods I have seen, were that the iPod Classic being discontinued. The only iPod announcement that even seems feasible is an iPod Touch in keeping with the iOS theme.

Apple TV: The Apple TV is somewhat feasible, as it does run a version of iOS and ties in with the entertainment functionality of the iOS devices. However, I think that it is more likely that this will be done at another event later on allowing this event to focus primarily on the iPhone.

iPads: While the iPad is an iOS device and would make sense to be announced with the new iPhones, it is widely predicted that the iPad will not be refreshed until October, which is when Apple released the new iPads last year.

MacBooks: The MacBooks are also due for an upgrade but like the iPads, the next update isn’t expected until October.

Smartwatch: It is widely expected that Apple will follow in Samsung’s footsteps and release a Smartwatch. They have already recruited several people from other companies for the project, however, it isn’t something I would expect to see this event and may even have its own special event.

As usual,  after the event there will be a summary of the announcements with analysis posted on

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