September 2014 Apple Event Summary

Apple had a monumental, although not very surprising, event on Tuesday. Apple unveiled 2 iPhones with all new screen sizes, a brand new payment system and the much anticipated watch. This will be known as one of the milestone Apple events and is intact the first major new product announcement since the death of Steve Jobs. Tim Cook made the standard keynote his own by skipping the standard updates on sales and retails that are a staple of every Apple keynote and jumped right into the new products. This was the biggest product launch in Tim Cook’s tenure and you could tell he couldn’t be more excited about it.


Apple’s first announcement was the most expected product, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The new iPhones both feature an all new, rounded designs with a new glass iPhone6-6-Plusdisplay that seamlessly meets the aluminum body. As expected, the new iPhones come in 2 brand new screen sizes the iPhone 6 with a slightly larger 4.7 inch screen and the iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5 inch screen to compete with the very popular large screen Android Phablets.

Retina HD Display:
The new iPhones are not only bigger, but they also are higher resolution with the new Retina HD display technology that offer higher contrast and all around improved viewing experience. The iPhone 6 is only sightly larger than the 5s while the iPhone 6 Plus is an entire inch larger.

Screen Size Resolution
iPhone 5s  4 inch 1,136 x 640
iPhone 6 4.7 inch 1334×750
iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Inch 1920×1080

The new iPhones are an all-new, rounded design that are also thinner than their predecessor. The iPhone 6 is the thinest iPhone ever at 6.9 mm and the iPhone 6 Plus is still thinner than all prior iPhones.

iPhone 5S 7.6 mm
iPhone 6 6.9 mm
iPhone 6 Plus 7.1 mm thin

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have an improved camera, although it is still 8 Megapixels, the sensors are improve which are supposed to make more of a quality difference than megapixels.

  • Smart pixels- Phase detection for fast auto focus and easy to change what is in focus in video
  • Faster Auto focus
  • Faster face detection for Focus
  • Optical image stabilization in iPhone 6 Plus only
  • Improved Video
    • 1080p Video at  30 and 60 Frames Per Seconds
    • Slowmo video up to 240 FPS
    • Cinematic video stabilization
    • Timelapse video in iOS 8
    • Focus pixels- faster auto focus in video
  • Improved Front-facing FaceTime Camera
    • Increased Aperture- Better low light performance
    • New sensor
    • Improved face detection
    • Bust mode of FaceTime camera
    • Singleshot HDR
    • HDR Video

Other New Features:
In addition to the new displays and new form factors, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have plenty of other great new features of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

  • A8 Processor- New 64 bit processor offering up to 25% improved CPU Performance and 50% improved GPU performance over the iPhone 5S
  • M8 Motion Co-Processor- Adds the ability to track activity such as biking, running and can now track flights of stairs with the new barometer in the iPhone 6
  • 50% more energy efficient- Battery life is equal or better than the iPhone 5S
  • Apps optimized for larger screens including 2-up display in Mail and Messages
  • Keyboard on the iPhone 6 Plus- adds dedicated buttons for functions such as copy, paste, bold and undo
  • Reachability– Double tapping (not pressing) on the Touch ID Sensor will bring the top of the screen down for  easy access when using the iPhone 6/6 Plus with one hand
  • Advanced Wireless- 150 MBS LTE and 802.11 AC WiFi (3 times faster)
  • VoLTE (Voice over LTE)- Phone calls can be made via LTE network
  • WiFi Calling:  Calls can be places over WiFi and seamlessly transitioned to VOLTE when out of WiFi network- T-Mobile first carrier supporting in the US
  • NFC (Near Field Communication): Near field communication will be built into the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for Apple Pay; Connects to nearby receivers for transactions such as payments and possibly data transfers

Pricing and Availability: 
Pricing is the standard iPhone pricing scheme, with some minor changes to the previous lineup.  The 32 GB model was replaced with a 64 GB model for the same price and a 128 iPhone was introduced at the old 64 GB price point.

The iPhone were available for pre-order Friday September 12th and will begin shipping to users on September 19th.

16 GB 64 GB 128 GB
iPhone 6 $199 $299 $399
iPhone 6 Plus $299 $399 $499
16 GB 32 GB
iPhone 5S $99 $149

iPhone 5C (8 GB): Free

iOS 8: 
Apple reviewed some key features of iOS 8 and announced it would be available as a free download on September 17th. iOS8

Improved Messages app: Adds audio and video messaging
Heath app for tracking health and fitness
Extensibility throughout iOS 8; Featured in Notification Center

Touch ID API: Third party apps can now use the Touch ID sensor to authenticate


Apple Pay:
Apple Pay is the new payments system that makes it easier and more secure to make purchases in retail stores. It uses Near field communication built into the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus along with the Touch ID sensor for authentication to make payments, fast, easy and secure.  Applepay

To make a purchase at a participating location all one needs to do is hold their iPhone to the NFC sensor at the point of sale and tap the touch ID sensor, they don’t even need to unlock their phone.

  • Launching in US with Mastercard, American Express and Visa
  • Credit cards can be added from iTunes Account or scanned in by iPhone camera
  • All information is encrypted and secured on the new Secure Element of the phone.
  • You can see all credit cards in Passbook
  • Card numbers are an never stored or shared
  • Payments use a one time payment numbers and dynamic security code
  • Find my iPhone can suspend payments on the device; No need to cancel credit card
  • Privacy- Apple doesn’t know what you bought, how much you pay or where you bought it
  • Cashier doesn’t see name or card number
  • Partnered with some of the largest retailers including the Apple Store, Staples, Target and McDonalds (Including drive-through)
  • Online Purchases are also simplified on iOS Devices
  • One touch checkout using Touch ID
  • Autofills Shipping and billing address
  • One time payment number
  • Building into shopping app
  • Apple Pay API for all developers
  • Apple Pay will be a free update to iOS 8 in October

Apple Watch:
The final major announcement of the event is arguably the biggest. It was also the first use of Steve Jobs’ signature “One More Thing” line since he passed away. The Apple Watch is the much anticipated wearable technology that serves both as a fitness tracker and smart watch in one. There will be 3 models that start at $349 and will be available in early 2015. Here are some of the details of this brand new product category from Apple. AppleWatch

  • Extremely Accurate Clock by plus or minus 50 milliseconds
  • Requires iPhone for operation; Not a Stand alone device- Kind of disappointing
  • Digital Crown dial used for interacting with content- Also serves as a home button
  • Watch can sense raising your arise to turns on the screen
  • Digital touch for “intimate interactions”
  • Haptic feedback built-in to watch for vibrations for feedback
  • Magsafe charger for no exposed sensors
  • 6 Straps that can be easily replaced
  • 3 Product Lines:
    • Apple Watch- Stainless Steel and Alluminium
    • Sports Watch-Durable model for workouts
    • Apple Watch Edition- 18k Gold
  • Pan through apps with swipe; Tap to launch app
    Thousands of custom watch faces
  • Glances: easy widgets with info; Can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom
  • Quick word- text notifications can be parsed for quick responses, dictated or voice memos
  • Custom Emotions
  • Siri– By pressing and holding the digital crown button to
  • Photos– Digital crown to zoom and tap; Swippe through
  • Maps- Navigate by swipe or zoom out get directions with dictation;
  • Haptic feedback for navigation
  • Digitaltouch- call, text and email from watch or send vibration patterns or drawings from watch or even s
  • end heartbeat


Health and fitness
Fitness App

  • Monitor activity
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Uses GPS and monitor in iPhone to track distance
  • Move ring- Tracks calories burnt- ring closes when you meet activity goal
  • Exercise ring- tracks activity completes when you complete 30 mins of activity
  • Stand ring- tracks how long standing and completes when you stand 12 minutes within 12 hour period

Workout App

  • Set specific goals for workout
  • Tracks workout activity
  • Gives summary of activity
  • Sets custom goals
  • Gets to know you like a personal Trainer


  • Allows developers to create rich experiences on Apple Watch
  • Can also create home screen apps, glances and notifications
  • Can integrate with third party apps

The event was capped off with a performance by U2 and them giving away their newest album for free to all 500 million iTunes users. This album is exclusive to Apple until October 17th and is available in the iTunes Music store on the devices of one’s choice.

iPod Classic:
This announcement was not made at the event but shortly after, the iPod Classic was removed from the Apple Online store. This was the closest product on the market to the original 2001 iPod and could mean the end of the iPod as we know it.

New Predictions: 
So what’s next? This set of announcements have brought up speculation of what’s next from Apple and how these new technologies can be integrated in Apple’s other products. Here’s what I think is next for Apple:

  • The next generation of iPads will have Retina HD displays
  • The new iPads will be called “iPad Air HD”  and “iPad Mini Retina HD”
  • End of the iName- None of the new product lines announced used the familiar “i” names; Looks like Apple will move away from them in the future
    • iPhoto is already being replaced by the new “Photos” app later this year
  • No More “S” line- Now with the 6 Plus line, the S series might be too much of a mouthful; Next phones may be the iPhone 7

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