Technology I Always Keep With Me

As technology has further developed and become more powerful and more portable, there have been a certain group of gadgets that I carry with me wherever I go and I thought it would be neat to share with all my readers:

1. iPod Touch and Headphones with Mic

The iPod Touch has become so much more than a media player for me and has taken the place of my Nokia N800 and Pocket PC as a PDA. I use it to check my email, write email, keep a to-do list, surf the internet, keep a calendar and I even write many of my blog posts on my iPod Touch. For me, the iPod Touch has become a productivity device that lets me do what I need whereever I go. This in fact has become the best PDA I have ever  had!  I use the headphones to listen to music, watch and listen to podcasts and I also use it to make skype calls to both Skype users and SkypeOut Calls to regular phone owners.I also can make free, unlimited text messages with TextFree Unlimited!

2. Cell Phone

My cell phone is really nothing special, it is just a $50 prepaid phone from Tracfone but, it gets the job done when it needs to! Although I use it infrequently, when I do I only use it for which is phone calls and sometimes text messages if I am unable to use TextFree.

3. Digital Camera

My theory with the digital camera is that if I carry the little bit of extra weight that my camera adds, I can get a lot more pictures and videos that I wouldn’t just because I was too lazy to carry my camera. Now, that I carry it with me a lot more, I have gotten many more pictures than I usually would have and have enjoyed all my new pictures.

That is then list of most of the gadgets I carry with me although there are other things I carry depending on the situation like thumb drives and SD cards among other things!

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